February 4th, 2020

I am the Great King George — a big, floofy, fun guy that is just under 2-years-old and looking for a fun, cat savvy kingdom to rule. I’m a very confident and social cat that gets along swimmingly with cats, dogs, and just about everyone! I’m extremely active and am an avid hunter who loves to spend my days perusing the outdoors and visiting with my person while they garden. My ideal home would definitely include an outdoor space and you won’t need any rodent control with me around! I do love to come in for snuggles and of course, dinner, and will spend my evenings hanging out with my people and listening to them tell me how handsome and regal I am. Because of my long, plushy fur, I will need regular hair cuts to keep me from getting too tangled from outside adventures. I’m a very hearty and healthy guy that is playful and curious, and would love an experienced cat adopter who will appreciate my big personality and understanding of my independence. Do you think you have the perfect set-up for me? I’d love to find a time to meet you! 

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