February 1st, 2020

Mango (orange, male) and Coconut (brown tabby/torbie, female) are an incredibly delightful pair of 5-year-old, family-friendly kitties looking to find their forever home together! These littermates are best friends not only with each other, but they’re fast friends with every person they meet! Mango is a very tall, very smushy and soft young man that likes to stand on his two back legs and headbutt your hands for more pets — he won’t even ask you to bend down for him, he’ll come to you! Coconut is a very curious and playful girl who loves to chitter-chatter at birds in the window and eagerly chase around a wand toy. Both these kitties are very affectionate and will rub up against your legs and follow you around, looking for love. At the wonderful age of 5 years, they’re an awesome combination of active, curious and friendly as well as mellow, sleepy, and couch-potato-like. Naptime is to be taken seriously, after all! Both these kitties are currently healthy and are used to being entirely indoors. They’d thrive in a home where they could receive a lot of attention from people big and small, and where they had a little room to move around (they are a combined 30 pounds of cat, after all!). Are you looking for some bright, warm kitty friends to add some tropical-like sunshine to your life? Mango and Coconut could be the kitties for you! Fill out an application to meet them today! They are fixed, vaccinated, and micro-chipped with a combined adoption fee of $180.

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