November 5th, 2019

Harry (black, fluffy) & Ginny (black and white) are two 3-year-old lovebird kitties that are ready to bring magic into your life! As you can see, they are very bonded and enjoy lots of cuddles with each other — sometimes it’s hard to see where one kitty ends and the other begins! These young, sweet kitties grew up together in a quiet home until a baby was born who was allergic, forcing them to move on. The shelter was just a little overwhelming for them at first, but once they realized how nice everyone was, they’ve really started to open up! They love getting love and will start purring and rolling around for pets. Ginny is usually the first one to lift her little bum in the air and swish her tail around happily, giving very flirty eyes and welcoming some attention. Harry will follow along quickly, offering headbutts! He and his sister are used to a quiet indoor home and would make great apartment cats or companions for someone with a mellow lifestyle that just needs a couple of furry housemates to warm their lap and bed during the cold winter nights. Though they can be shy at first, both are very gentle and good-natured little kitties. Ginny has already started to become much more playful at Pixie, and both are ready to open up and show their personality more and more with their new forever family! They are both healthy cats, with no special needs at this time. If you’re interested in a most magical pair of young kitties to liven up your life, we hope you’ll fill out an application to meet us today!  We come to you fixed, vaccined, and micro-chipped for an combined adoption fee of $180.

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