October 2nd, 2019
Jimmy (black & white tuxedo) and Spinner (brown tabby & white) are two teenage best buds around 5-6 months old. These boys came to Pixie after being rescued from a home with lots of other kitties, and like most awkward teens, can use a little help with their confidence level. Since being in foster, both Jimmy and Spinner are quickly coming out of their shells more and more every day and are learning just how awesome being a teen can be! Jimmy is definitely the more social, people-oriented one. Though shy at first, he really loves being petted and held; he would even choose pets over play, most of the time! Once comfortable, he’ll happily jump up onto a lap or curl up on the couch with his foster mom and other kitties. He is a little guy with a big purr, and he’s also amazingly silky soft!  He is usually the instigator in any wrestling, and he will push and step on Spinner to get more pets and attention.
Spinner is more independent, and a little shyer. He is very busy and likes exploring every nook and cranny of the apartment, and can make anything into a toy. He’s very athletic and can jump really far! He likes to climb up the scratching post, and would often rather play than be petted. He’s not quite as interested in cuddling or laps as his brother yet, but when he settles down, he enjoys a belly rub, though he will happily give you a play bite/nibble to let you know when it’s time to play again. 
Both of them love the cat tree, snuggling together in one bed or basket, wrestling, climbing curtains, galloping around, and cardboard scratchers. They are big-time toy destroyers and need lots of things to scratch, bite, chase, and play with, including each other! These boys would love a home with each other and/or other cats, as they follow their foster mom’s kitty around and follow his lead and are quickly learning how to be gentle, well-behaved adults through their kitty friendships. They will still need patience and time to adjust in their new home, so experience kitty owners and a home without rambunctious kids would be ideal for them. If you’re interested in these special boys, please fill out an application to meet them today! They come to you fixed, vaccinated, and micro-chipped for a combined adoption fee of $243.

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