October 1st, 2019

 I am Eliza — the big, fluffy lovebug lady! I’m a gorgeous calico with a cute checkerboard nose that is just around 9-years-old. Many people think calicos can be a little sassy, but even though I have a lot of personality, I’m a very gentle lady who never bites or scratches. Rather, I prefer to snuggle right next to you and follow you around waiting for you to sit so I can ask for pets! Sometimes I’ll even give you little kisses while you pet me, and always give big purrs and head butts. When I’m really comfortable, sometimes I’ll offer up my fuzzy belly for a few rubs! I’m very confident and do well around new people, and very much enjoy being right in the center of attention — even if it’s naptime, I’ll typically nap nearby to make sure I don’t miss anything! I’d love a home where I received a lot of attention and could share your company often. That being said, I’m a mellow lady that does enjoy occasional play and exploration of my kingdom but mostly just likes to lounge around and be admired. I’m definitely used to the indoor lifestyle and have no problem just enjoying the outdoors through the window of my apartment. I’m also used to being the only pet in the home, and would love to keep it that way. My love of being brushed helps keep my super soft, luxurious fur nice and maintained, and is a nice way to bond with my person. I’m a healthy girl with some extra toes (polydactyl) on my front feet which just makes me extra special! I eat a special urinary diet to help prevent me maintain my healthy status, but I enjoy it and while on it I seem to have no issues. Pixie has run blood work on me to make sure I’m in good shape and I’m so ready to find my forever person! I know I’ll make an amazing addition to my new home. Won’t you fill out an application to meet me today? I come to you fixed, vaccinated, and micro-chipped for an adoption fee of $100.

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