June 12th, 2019

Ozzy (black) and his beautiful sister Miriam (gray) are two very social, very swanky and sweet 11-year-old siblings looking for a home to grow old in together. These lovely, fuzzy kitties are very bonded and will often nuzzle up against each other and cuddle — which is just too cute! Ozzy is the more confident of the two and will usually be the first one to run up and say hello to anyone new who pops by to visit. He’s always quick to check in on his sister, though, who will usually be close behind and ready to nuzzle up against you and purr for chin scratches. These kitties are a little extra special because they have a few extra toes, adding a little extra girth to their already sizeable paws! It’s very easy to be charmed by these beautiful kitties, since they just love bumping up against new people and snuggling when they’re feeling really comfortable. Both are fine living around other cats, though they’ve never lived around dogs before. They are easy-going and loving, and most definitely would love a home where they can receive lots of human attention. The bonus part of having a pair (especially an older pair), is that these guys will have no problem living in a home with someone who has to work full time, and will be able to keep each other company for long weekend trips. Ozzy & Miriam are used to living entirely indoors and would do well in an apartment setting. Since they are older, mellow, and not experienced living around small children, they’d likely do best in a home that was relaxed and lower-energy like they are. Both kitties are healthy with recent blood work showing they have no health issues or special needs at this time. Is your home missing feline friends? Looking for some fluffy love to fulfill your family? Fill out an adoption application to meet them today! They come to you fixed, vaccinated, and micro-chipped for a combined adoption fee of $180.

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