January 31st, 2019

I am the delightful Delilah, a stunning, fluffy little lady that is about 11-years-old. I not only have a beautiful coat with hints of smoke and white in the undercoat, but I also have an absolutely lovely personality and quickly win over anyone who stops by to say hello. I’ll generally draw people in with my good looks, and then as soon as they give me some attention, I’ll steal their hearts with my adorable, squeaky little meow — it’s just too cute! I’m used to living in a quieter space where I can get lots of laptime, and fortunately I really enjoy being brushed because it helps keep my fluffy coat nice and maintained. It’s also a nice way to bond with my human, and I’m quick to purr and nuzzle right into the brush when I’m comfortable. One thing I am definitely not used to — other cats! I do not want to share my space with them, and I promise to make up for it by being the best feline friend I can be so you won’t miss having any other kitties around! I’m perfectly happy to live indoors and would make a great companion for someone in an apartment. I’m even comfortable with being held and don’t mind being picked up and carried around. I had very regular vet care in my previous home, and Pixie has also run blood work to ensure I’m in good health at this time, with no special needs or diets necessary. I just need a warm lap, lots of love, and someone to remind me how adorable I am! Wouldn’t you agree? I hope you’ll stop by to meet me soon! I’m currently residing at Pixie and come to you fixed, vaccinated, and micro-chipped for an adoption fee of $80. 

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