January 29th, 2019
Hey there — I’m Harper! I’m downright adorable, and sweet as can be. I’m a two-year-old kitty that definitely has some Siamese in me, as is evidenced by my beautiful blue eyes and tiger stripes over my silver-white fur. I’m a bit chirpy and chatty, but am overall a quiet kitty that is initially very shy, but once I’ve warmed up, I adore pets, neck scritches and am even a lover of belly rubs! I also really enjoy playtime and love to chase little toy mice around, with no trouble finding ways to entertain myself. Aside from playing and laying on laps, I’m content with laying around on soft blankets around the house, watching TV (I love bird videos!) and am generally a very low-maintenance girl. I am impeccable about keeping myself clean and I spend a lot of time on my beauty routine — can’t you tell? I’m a real stunner! I definitely can use a little encouragement from my person in terms of coming out of my shell, as I’m much more socialized around other kitties than I’ve been around people so far in my short life. Other kitties don’t bother me at all — in fact, I will often try to find one to cuddle up with if they’ll let me! They help me feel much more confident and comfortable, and I’m a big fan of having a feline friend around. My ideal home would be quiet, with a cat whisperer and a social kitty friend or two. I’m absolutely fine with a small space and used to being totally indoors, so apartment life would be fine with me! Like many Siamese cats, there’s a chance that my semi-crossed eyes might cause my eyesight to be slightly limited, but it doesn’t effect me much. I do tend to stay lower to the ground and am not much of a climber, and that could be one reason why. I’m in fabulous health, however, with no special needs at this time. Think you’ve got the perfect place for a special, stunning kitty like me? I know I will melt your heart! I’m currently in a foster home, so please fill out an application to meet me today! I come to you fixed, vaccinated, and micro-chipped for an adoption fee of $100.

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