January 9th, 2019


Are you one of the thousands of adventure junkies in the Portland area? If so, I would love to meet you! My name is Ricky (a.k.a. Ricky The Adventure Dog) and I am up for just about any adventure you throw my way! Think I am kidding? I even love kayaking! Take a look at my Instagram account and see for yourself! Because I have a lot of energy, I really enjoy endurance sports like backpacking, through hiking, cross country skiing, snowshoeing and mountain biking! I come with all the adventure gear I need (snowsuit, hiking boots, wool & fleece underlayers, life vest, backpack, rain coat, etc.) If you’re not an adventure junkie, not to worry! I would also be happy on day hikes, having a nice yard to play fetch in or learning new scent games. I have been told by expert dog trainers that I would also do well with agility training or learning how to find truffles and other wild mushrooms! When I am tired, I will snuggle right up with you on the couch or on your bed and sometimes completely under the covers!  

Now a few words from my super cool human mom: Hello & thanks for your interest in my current favorite adventure buddy! The decision to rehome Ricky has literally been the most painful and difficult decision that I have ever had to make. My partner and I have spent substantial time and money only to come to the heartbreaking conclusion, along with help and advice from seasoned and reputable dog trainers, that Ricky is likely going to be more happy in a home without young children. We have a baby on the way and have done our due diligence to figure this out before our baby arrives so that the transition can work out for us (ideally to have about a month to grieve and settle down) and for Ricky to transition to his best new forever home without the added stress in his current household.

Ricky will do best in a quiet home with an active person or two and without young kids. Mature older, dog savvy kids might be fine. He will do best being the only dog, but he does enjoy the company of cats who will let him be the boss. He has grown up with cats and even enjoys a good ruff and tumble with our cat Forrest. Ricky has some handling sensitivities and resource guarding issues but if you have a quiet household and you are a dedicated, gentle, patient human and eager to learn his idiosyncrasies, you will likely be a wonderful match and he will bring unending joy to your life! I will require a home visit and a re-homing fee of $350, half of which will be refunded to you after two in-your-home training sessions with our trainer. Please email me at kpranian@gmail.com and be sure to visit @rickytheadventuredog!


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