November 24th, 2018

Fernando Manual (aka “Manny”) and his best buddy Barrel are a bundle of black-and-white fun! These happy and hearty 4-month-old kittens are playful, cuddly, and ready to provide endless entertainment to their new family! Though not from the same litter, these kittens act like brothers and can often be found grooming each other or sleeping in a pile — it’s just so cute! They love to chase strings, wrestle, and toss toy mice for hours until they finally tire out and naptime arrives. No matter what mood they’re in, they’re almost always up for being held and cuddled, and they will purr instantly when they’re given attention. They will make a great addition to almost any household, and will easily adapt to living with other animals and children. As long as they can get lots of attention and playtime, they will be happy boys! And since they have each other, they won’t ever be lonely. Twice the love, twice the joy, and twice the fun! Won’t you come meet them soon? They’re currently residing at Pixie and come to you fixed, vaccinated and micro-chipped for a combined adoption fee of $243.

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