November 7th, 2018


Hi, I’m Juno, and I’m looking for my new forever family! I’m a smart, loving Labrador Border Collie mix, which means I have a lot of energy! I will be two on February 26th, 2019. I’m great with other dogs, and with confident cats (will chase runners though), and would prefer to live in a home with an even tempered, confident, male dog. I go to daycare a couple days a week to play with friends, but I also stay home alone, uncrated, up to six hours, in a tidy home; then I’m unable to get into anything if I get bored. I like to snuggle up to my family at night and I take sleep very seriously; I don’t even wake up my humans for breakfast! I love belly rubs, butt scratches and snuggling.

I also really like people, and love being with my family as much as I can. Sometimes I get so excited when I see people that I jump at them to get close. I also love (like, LOVE) chasing squirrels. I respond well to positive-reinforcement training (big word for a dog, I know) and clicker training.

I know commands, such as ‘sit’, ‘lay down’,’turn around,’shake,’come’,and ‘place’ (although I’m still kinda learning ‘place’). I could probably do with some more consistent and advanced training. I’ve got great recall, I’m good on car rides, love the outdoors/hiking (PNW cliche, I KNOW!) and am mostly well behaved. I love running (like, LOVE, running), and jumping up on logs and park structures! I’d have fun in agility classes. I don’t chew on shoes (gross) but do like to tear up empty cardboard boxes and dig when I’m a bit bored, so I’m really excited about puzzle games!

I think I’d like to live on a ranch or a farm (and chase sheep and horses and stuff), or would at least need a BIG backyard to run around in. I’m able to jump high so a tall fence would be required for my safety. I would NOT be a good city dog (I already have enough excitement as it is, THANK YOU VERY MUCH!) and can be a bit vocal when I don’t get what I want. I am really happy, affectionate, and cute.

I need a new owner that’s experienced with working dogs, doesn’t have younger kids, is active, and patient, and kind. I wouldn’t do well being left alone all the time as I am very social, so occasional daycare, or a dog sibling for me to play with, or a family member that is home most of the time, would be best for me. I’m super excited to find my perfect family and can’t wait to meet you!

For more information, please call/text Kristen at  (360) 952-9008  or email at

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