June 1st, 2018

Drop me a beat: “My name is Jurvis, no need to be nervous. But if you don’t meet me, it’s a total disservice. I am a little terrier, who needs no barrier.   I love all people, the more the merrier! I am a total socialite who shines so bright with a cute face that’s out of sight. When I get excited, I go all out, and sometimes my little tongue sticks out. I am a friendly guy who is oh so spry and not the very least bit shy! My doggy pals are oh so great and I would love to go on a doggy play date (though those kitties are not my mates). My puppy like antics are enjoyed by my fanatics and with my cute smile, there is nothing I can’t fix! At 1.5 I am all about that play, so if you are a two legged pal over 6, let’s have a heyday! I am very smart, it’s really great, as I will need basic obedience to help communicate. So if you are up for energy that is a little higher, than I am the cute, handsome pup you desire!” Fill out an application today, so we can meet! I come to you vaccinated, micro-chipped, and neutered with an adoption fee of $350.

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