April 17th, 2018

Bonjour! I am the great Napoleon, a big personality in a little Tuxedo package! I’m around 8 years old and a very fun and adorable lady cat that will bring lots of action and adventure into your life! I am so friendly and affectionate and cuddly and playful and on a mission to rule your heart. My strategies to Your World domination include lots of head butts, tapping your arm for attention with my big, polydactyl paws, and making biscuits in the air while laying on my back to emphasize my utter adorableness. I’m very playful and will gently meow to let you know I’m ready to chase and hunt a wand toy or mousey, providing loads of entertainment for all! I’d love to be with a family where I received a lot of attention, I could soak it up all day! I will ride around on your shoulder if you let me, and try to lure you in for belly rubs. Previously, I had access to the outdoors, however in my current foster home I seem pretty happy as an indoor-only kitty and would probably be very content as long as I was in a home where I received tons of attention and reasonable amounts of servitude, fit for an Emporer of my likeness. I’m no dictator though, I’m genuinely sweet and lovely and would do fine around kids and probably dogs as well. I’m not a huge fan of other kitties, so would most likely prefer to be your one and only feline. I know you love me already! Won’t you come meet me? I’m a special girl and can’t wait to meet my forever family and rule my kingdom. I’m currently living in a foster home, so please fill out an application to meet me today! I come to you fixed, vaccinated, and micro-chipped for an adoption fee of $100.

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