April 11th, 2018

Asher (top photos) and Ebony (bottom photos) are two incredibly sweet, soft, and snuggly 7-year-old girls who are in love with people as they are with each other! These girls are over-the-top with their affection and will gladly melt and roll over for belly rubs whenever folks come to visit and offer them some love. Asher is the more courageous of the two, and is generally the first to come out and greet people when they enter the Pixie cattery. Once she’s deemed the human to be acceptable, Ebony will often follow and make her presence known as well! They will rub up against your legs and then rub up against each other — it’s just the cutest thing! Though they don’t sleep together 100% of the time, they are always looking out to see where the other one is and are very much bonded for life. These girls are still very playful, especially Asher, and will gladly go after a string toy if there’s someone around to waive it in the air for them. Both are just incredibly soft, sweet, and such wonderful companion cats! They are used to being entirely indoors and are very calm and comfortable around other cats as well. They would be great family cats and perfectly fine around children, though Ebony might take just a little bit of time to adjust to a super lively household. Ebony and Asher will make anyone who takes them home feel like they won the lottery — think they’re just what you’re looking for? Come by Pixie and meet them today! They come to you fixed, micro-chipped, and vaccinated for a combined adoption fee of $180.

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