September 28th, 2017

Wendy is a ten-year-old tabby.

Wendy wants to be around people 100% of the time. Her favorite place to be is either on your lap or, when you’re napping, on your chest, nuzzling your face and purring loudly. When your attention is devoted to something else, you can bet that she will try to get into the middle of it. No scrabble board is safe around her! She would thrive best in a home with multiple people to play and cuddle with, or with a person who works from home to keep her company.

Wendy is very playful, and will chase a piece of string endlessly (though she’s not a huge fan of laser pointers, for some reason).   She does have a habit of gently biting when she gets over stimulated; not in a hard way, but almost as if to say “stay here, don’t go anywhere!”.   It doesn’t hurt, but it might startle children.
As much as Wendy loves people, she does not get along well with other cats.   We have tried many different methods to integrate her with other cats in the house with no success.   However, she has lived with large dogs with no issue.
Wendy is very healthy, and is up to date on her vaccinations. She does suffer from hypothyroidism, for which she takes a pill daily, usually hidden in her food.   This medication is quite inexpensive.   She is a big cat, but her vet has assured us that she is not overweight.   Her teeth are in particularly good shape for her age.
Wendy has brightened my life greatly over the past five years, and I wish that I could keep her.   I hope that someone will be able to give her the warm and loving home that she deserves.

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