August 23rd, 2017


Hi everyone! Thank you for stopping to read my post. I was hoping my good looks would catch someone’s attention. I’m a six-year-old guy looking for a happy home.   As you may have noticed, I have a unique look. It’s because I’m missing my left eye! Don’t worry though, it happened when I was a kitten and I have completely learned to adapt. In fact, I think it makes me even more distinctive. Other distinctive features of mine are my long lush coat, and my size; I’m almost 20 pounds. I’m probably at least partly Maine Coon. I would definitely be happiest in a home with other animals. In my previous home, I lived with a dog and he and I were best buds. Now I have a feline foster brother who I also get along with quite nicely. I try to run around the house and play with him but he’s somewhat lazy so it never lasts long. Maybe you have some cat and dog friends who can become my new best friends? When I’m not sleeping on my foster dad’s head at night or begging my foster mom for treats, I’m usually hanging out on the toilet. What can I say? Every king needs a throne!    Aren’t you excited to meet me? I come to you fixed, vaccinated, and micro-chipped for an adoption fee of $100.

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