by Marissa Siegel

In honor of National Mutt Day on July 31st, here are the top 5 ways to celebrate your mutt!
#1. Pamper your pet
Zebra stripes anyone? Watch out for the newest trend. Dog owners are getting serious about hair care. A day at the spa might be just what your dog needs and deserves. You can even DIY with a little trim or distinctive pop of dog-friendly color at home.
#2. Find out your doggy’s DNA
Have you ever wondered what mix your mutt might be? Order a DNA test to find out. Nowadays there are plenty of options you can find on the web. The results won’t change your devotion to your furry friend, but it could give you some remarkable insight. Adding another piece of your pup’s puzzle might even make you more thankful for her uniqueness. Poodle-Mastiff? Pit bull-Chihuahua? Best friends come in so many great combinations!
#3. Throw a party
Party at the park or have a low-key celebration on the lawn. Make it an event to celebrate your marvelous mutt! Invite a couple four-legged friends along as a play date. Bonus if your pooch’s buddies bring treats. Frisbees and party hats all around!
#4. Take on a new adventure
If you want to try out a new sport, go for one you can do with your dog. There are a variety of options including paddle boarding, boating, hiking, swimming, and more. Your mutt may even surprise you with their athletic ability. It’s also a great way to keep active in these beautiful summer months.
#5. Serious snuggle time
There is no better way to show the love you have for your fluffer than a dedicated snuggle-fest. All you need is your mutt, maybe a cozy blanket, and plenty of “who’s the best doggy in the world.” Plus, spending time together strengthens the bond between you and your dog.
Have fun with your mutt! Pixie Project will be celebrating all of their beautiful mixes too for National Mutt Day! Check out all of their adoptable dogs waiting for forever homes at

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