March 17th, 2017

Meet Cricket! Cricket is a 5 year old, snugly Yorkshire Terrier that we got from a rescue a year and a half ago. She defines lap dog! In fact, if she sees you headed in the general direction of a chair, she is one step ahead of you and already planning on jumping on your lap for the remainder of the evening. Cricket doesn’t like toys and is not very playful. She loves to be held and just wants to be in the same room as you. Rain is stressful to her so a covered patio for going potty outside would be helpful in preventing accidents. If the weather is nice, she likes short walks. Cricket knows basic commands such as “sit” lay down” “outside?” and “go potty.” She definitely knows the word “treat!” 🙂 If she goes in a room she isn’t allowed in, we say “out” and she obeys. She knows “on your bed” when we are putting her to bed at night or leaving the house during the day. She is not crate trained (makes her anxious) but she does well with dog boarding when we vacation. We trained her to sleep in the dog bed and at night and keep her closed off in our kitchen with our other dog. They sleep on a dog bed which has a pet heating pad underneath that they LOVE! Our vet actually recommended letting her sleep in our bed to help relieve her stress at night. She would not object to sleeping in your bed with you….if you allow that in your home. 😉

Why we are re-homing her:

Cricket has been misplaced one too many times. She has chronic stress and anxiety. Cricket is currently living with our family of four (we have two teenagers and another small dog). We feel she would be happier and healthier in a home where someone is home most of the day. (Work at home? Retired?) When we got her, she was living with a foster family that had small children and lots of other dogs. They told us she was “generally happy and sweet natured, she just needed to put on a few pounds.” They had placed her before we got her and it didn’t work out so she went back to the foster home. When we got home with her we quickly learned that Cricket has text book anxiety and needed lots of extra love and nutrition. She growls when scared, starts sneezing and licking her lips excessively, or scratching at herself excessively when she is scared, intimidated or nervous. After trying everything natural for anxiety in pets, we tried medication. She responded very well to the medicine but we unfortunately can’t afford to medicate her monthly. Our biggest concern with keeping her is that our family lifestyle is causing her more anxiety than she can handle. If interested in her adoption, please contact Ali at 503-853-4473 or!  We are asking a $200 adoption fee.

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