February 28th, 2017
Moochie is an absolute lover who purrs in an instant once he dominates your lap! He is seven years old, neutured and is an  inside /outside cat who uses a litter box. He is accustomed to sleeping with somebody and is a bed companion if you wish. He has been living with two other male kitties and spraying has never been an issue. Moochie will not need shots until August.
Muffin is  seven years old and she has beautiful long hair with shades of black, gray, tan and white. Amazingly, she doesn’t shed and is highly groomed. She has the cutest little purr and soft snore when she sleeps with you. She also uses a litter box. Got shots recently!
They get along beautifully and will keep each other company while you are away! They are a purrrrfect combination! Their owners passed away and they found me. Six cats are too many to have inside our home. That is the only reason I am trying to find a new home for them. They truly are wonderful cats who belong together!

Call/Text Cindy O’Mealy if you are interested. 503-830-5077



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