January 6th, 2017

Hi! My name is Ms Flossie but I’m not at all bossy. They say I’m about 13 in human years, but you couldn’t tell by looking at me. The doctor says I look young and healthy and I when had my teeth cleaned at Pixie they say my teeth are also in great shape. Though my kidneys are starting to get a little sensitive so I need to stay on moist food and grain-free diets. I would do best in a quiet home with one or more adults that I can spend my days being adorable for. I am a sweet, quiet, gentle ole girl with medium length velveteen fur that doesn’t shed much. I love snuggles and cuddling and if you wanted me to sit in your lap and make biscuits all day, I’d be happy to oblige. A couple good swipes down my back and I will bloop over and let you rub my belly for hours! I tend to walk around the house quietly purring and swishing on corners. I am not much of a talker but I am a great listener. I enjoy games of chasing the mouse on a stick, rolling rattle toys, laying in rays of sunshine, and watching the birds do their bird things in the window. I love scratchy boxes, even though I have no claws which makes it doubly cute. I was declawed at a young age so I need to stay safe inside. I’m not really interested in the outside world anyway. I am great company and love to sit idly by watch you do your silly human things. I prefer mainly TJ’s kitty tuna with lots of gravy and tiny bite salmon kibbles. I also love to munch on Cat grass. I promise to snuggle with you every night, purr you sleep and let you sleep as long as I’m cuddled up near to you. My foster mom calls me Twinkle toes on account of my long haired little paws that make the best lap biscuits around. Will you be my forever Human? I’m currently living in a foster home so  fill out an application to meet me today! I come to you fixed, vaccinated, micro-chipped, and with a recent dental and bloodwork already done for and adoption fee of $80.

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