November 18th, 2016

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I’m looking for a new home for my dog Clyde. He is a 4-5 year old lab/hound mix and weighs about 65lbs. I adopted Clyde from the Oregon Humane Society in Portland this past January. He is gentle but very strong and watch out for his happy tail, when it gets going it can hurt. Clyde has many of the traits of a hound besides his good looks. He is alert, adventurous, and energetic. He just keeps going and going and going. He loves being outside following his nose and chasing most anything that moves, birds, squirrels, and especially cats. To my surprise is does swim quite well. He likes and is playful with other dogs but eventually does his own thing. He is also one of the best couch potatoes I ever had the pleasure of sharing a couch with.   He is very well housed trained!

Clyde loves to be around people the most, he is happiest lounging, follow someone around the house or yard, or going for a walk. He does have a high level of anxiety when left alone and when riding in a car.   He is normally not destructive when left in the house, only when he is isolated in a small room or crate.   He normally only voices his frustration vocally with whining, barking and howling. I am currently working with a veterinarian trying ways to reduce his anxiety through understanding, training and medication.

Clyde loves going for walks and long runs. Yep, I am a distance runner and Clyde has joined me on runs as long as 13 miles!! And he still has energy to play, I just have to watch his paws for soreness and abrasions. He has gotten better on leash and I have used a gentle leader on him in places of heavy distraction and on our runs. He gets excited every time I put my shoes on.   He is in wonderful health, fully vaccinated, microchipped, and neutered.

I feel Clyde would do well in a home when someone is around most of the day. He has done well at doggie daycare, but I have been unable to use it more because I normally start work before the daycares open. He gets upset with kennels when he is isolated in a room or crate. We have boarded him for multiple days with local dog sitters that care for him at their home. He would love a yard to explore and take care of business, but has gotten use to doing his business on a leash too.

If you think Clyde would be good fit in your home,  contact Colin at or 503-726-8809


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