November 3rd, 2016

Hi there! I am Lilly, a slightly fluffy and highly adorable 6-year-old lady cat with so much love to give! I’m a very confident cat with a lot of great personality. Though at first look it may seem like I’m an all-black kitty, I actually have beautiful hints of red in my luxurious coat and I also have white tuffs of hair coming out of both of my ears — which just adds to my beauty. I have lived with another cat before but was very clear that I prefer to be the one-and-only feline queen of the castle, though I’m not particular about people at all. Here is what my foster mom had to say about me:
“In terms of her personality, she is really an ideal cat! She is friendly, calm, intelligent, and polite. She will happily cuddle and be pet anytime, and isn’t overly needy or demanding of attention. She will give an occasional meow, usually a little “hello” when we come to pet her, and isn’t a noisy cat whatsoever. She is incredibly responsive to redirection. For example, I stopped her from scratching on the carpet and directed her to her scratching board and since then she has not scratched on the carpet again and only uses her designated scratching toys. She is quiet at night and doesn’t disturb our 10 year old, who she has chosen to sleep with, or anyone else in the house. She rests quietly at the foot of her bed and uses the litter box once during the night. She has not had any accidents and is quite neat in the litter box, keeping her excrement to one corner of the box. She is wonderful with children! Very patient and seems to enjoy their affection. She has not shown any signs of aggression. When she is done with their attention, she simply walks away. In general, she is truly the perfect cat!”

I have slight deformities in each of my legs that make me walk a little funny, but the doctor says there’s no big concern and I seem very happy and content; it just makes me extra special! I am the perfect age — I’m out of kitten-hood and still have a lot of years of playfulness and love to give. Are you looking for a lovely Lilly like me? Fill out an application to meet me today! I come to you fixed, vaccinated, and micro-chipped for an adoption fee of $100.

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