October 20th, 2016

Nigel here! I am a very stately and loving 11-year-old, big blue/grey polydactyl kitty — which just means that I have extra toes that makes it looks like I have thumbs! I am a big, very handsome cat and I am very mellow. You may call me a gentle giant, and I have the big old paws to match! Whenever someone stops by to give me attention, I’ll give them a little “Meow” as if to say “Hello!” — my meow sounds a little cranky, which is actually very silly because I’m not a cranky boy at all. Sometimes I’ll even reach my paw out when you try to walk away, because I just love being pet and giving headbutts. I’m not a huge fan of other cats, but my easy-going nature allows me to live peacefully around other animals. That being said, I’d probably be the absolute happiest in a home where I can be King of the Castle! I love people and definitely enjoy attention, but would be fine being left home alone if I had a person who had to work regular hours. I’m not a needy cat at all, I’m actually very low-maintenance! The doctors have given me a clean bill of health and my tests look fantastic, especially for my age. I just need a home to hang out in and someone to love! I’d love to meet you, and make you fall in love — won’t you come to Pixie and say hi? I come to you fixed, vaccinated, and micro-chipped for an adoption fee of $80.

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