October 10th, 2016

Cleo (black & white) is  non-stop action.   She loves everybody, always wants to be where the action is, and gets into everything – she’ll check out any drawer or door you open.   She’s non-stop, run jump run jump run!   She’s fine with being picked up and snuggled – for about a minute before she needs to RUN again.   When she’s tired, though, she will seek out a warm body for snuggling and purring.   She loves hanging out with her buddy Clover.   They will chase and wrestle for hours, then Cleo will groom Clover until they fall asleep together.   Cleo has the cutest little half mustache  and 4 white socks.   Her fur is particularly soft and it’s hard to stop petting her.   Cleo doesn’t mind being picked up by kids and she doesn’t seem to be afraid of dogs as long as they are friendly.   She likes to pounce on our little dog’s tail if it’s wagging and sometimes follows her around like an annoying little sister.

Clover (brown & white tuxedo) is a dignified kitten.   Sometimes she likes to hang back and watch the action, but she will follow her friend Clover wherever she goes so she doesn’t miss anything.   When she’s in the mood, though, Clover can be a rambunctious   kitty, pouncing on Cleo and tumbling with her across  the floor.   She loves to chase strings, balls, and especially loves playing in her kitty tunnel.   She doesn’t follow people around, but if you’re quiet and still she will suddenly show up for snuggle and purring time.   She may be cautious around dogs at first, but once she knows she’s a friendly dog she doesn’t avoid them.   She has a unique brown striped tuxedo coat that really shines in the sun.   Her brown and white speckled paws are just adorable.   She also loves lounging in sunny windowsills watching the world go by.

Cleo and Clover will do great in any setting — whether it be a single person or a family with children, dogs, other cats, you name it! They are about 5 months old and are very bonded. Come to Pixie  to meet them today! They come to you fixed, vaccinated, and micro-chipped for a combined adoption fee of $243.

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