June 16th, 2016



Moo was born in late August of 2011 and was bottle fed from 3 days old  after him and his siblings were found without a mother and taken in by Other Mothers Animal Rescue and Rehabilitation.  He is called Moo because of his cow like spots.   Moo has been  with a family for the last five years and as the family grows, they are no longer able to give him the love and attention that he needs.   He is well behaved and has good manners the majority of the time, but like any dog, he has to have the right amount of exercise to continue to be the well behaved dog that he is.    He knows basic commands.   He was neutered before he was adopted at 8 weeks of age and doesn’t lift his leg to pee or mark his territory.   He is good with most other dogs and good at the dog park.   He is vocal when he wrestles, but his tail wags the whole time.   It can intimidate some people that aren’t familiar with larger breeds, but his is just happy and likes to play. He is good with people of all ages.   He was present in the family before they had their first child and has behaved well with the child for the past three years.   He walks good on a leash most of the time. He is a strong boy being 65 lbs of muscle so if something catches his attention, it can sometimes cause him to pull. Off leash work will be necessary.   Though he is good most of the time off leash, there is occasions where he will be intrigued and run off. He has been a little itchy on one paw due to the excess of pollen in the air recently, but allergies have not been an issue in the past.   He gets along well with the other Pitbull in his current foster home, but has chased the cat.   He will chase cats and other small animals.   Like most dogs, if it runs, they will chase.  Though he only slobbered all over the cat when he cornered it, it is unknown how he will react in the future. He is up to date on all his vaccines.   He comes with a large bed, his collar, harness and leash.

He will need to go to a home that has a fenced yard and a person/family that familiar with large breed dogs that are very strong.   They will also need to be able to give him adequate exercise.   He would love to be with someone that hikes or runs regularly. Any other animals in the home need to be altered.   He will also do best in a home with a calm yet authoritative figure(s).   As with most dogs, he will feed off the energy of his owner.   Easily anxious or overly excitable owners are not recommended for large strong breed dogs.   Moo does best with someone who has a calmer demeanor, but who isn’t afraid to make sure he listens to them.   He is currently residing in Camas, WA in a foster home.      Inquiries can be emailed to  dawnho@msn.com  or by phone at  360-910-6054.

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