February 10th, 2016

CarlosHi, my name is Carlos and I am a 5 year old purebred American Shorthair.  My family sadly cannot keep me as their child has cancer and his immune system is too weak for pets in the house.  I am more of a dog sometimes than a cat, if you call my name I will come running.  I love nothing more than to follow my people around my house.  I absolutely love to be in the center of all the activity.  You can usually find me laying in the middle of the action on my back with my soft, furry, fat belly ready for petting.  When new people come to my home I greet them by weaving around their legs until they confirm that I am the handsomest cat they have ever laid eyes on.  I am happy to be picked up by anyone and love to be held belly up like a baby.    I am a roly poly guy who loves to eat, however I have a sensitive side that means I can only eat soft cat food.  If you don’t feed me in a timely fashion I will definitely remind you.   I don’t like the rain or wind and I have zero self preservation instincts so my preference is to stay inside and follow my family around.  I can be a lap cat, but right now my people don’t allow me on furniture so I am only on laps when they sit on the floor.  I don’t jump on counters, I actually can’t jump that high due to my statuesque figure.  If I’m not laying on my back I am sitting propped against a wall and as usual my belly is on full display, I work hard to keep my figure round and solid.  I am looking for a home that will treasure me as much as my current family does.  I like children as long as they are nice to me, I’ll sleep with the kids every night if allowed.  I don’t really have much use or interest in other cats or dogs and prefer to be the one and only star of my domain.  I do use a litter box but I’m a big and finicky guy so I need an extra large box or one with a hood so my back end doesn’t accidentally hang off the sides and I strongly prefer my box stay very clean. I am fixed, vaccinated, and chipped. My adoption fee is $200.

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