June 29th, 2015

IMG_2508Scott Provan is keen on scrappy terriers. His wife, Sheena, wanted a young dog to ease her sweet, but sometimes grumpy 16-year old cat’s adjustment to living with an uncouth canine. Hmmm’¦how to make everyone happy’¦

Pixie Project to the rescue!

Sheena began volunteering with the Pixie Project in 2013. In August, 2014 Sheena was helping in the dog kennels and taking the small dogs out for their potty walks.

Sheena wasn’t specifically looking to adopt a dog that day, but there was ‘œGeorge,’ a 5-month old scrappy black terrier. He was such an affectionate goofball, Sheena fell in love with him right away. She ran home to tell her husband that he was ‘œthe one.’

Sheena and Scott began to get excited about the possibility of bringing George home. Their cat, ‘œMoggy’ (short for Mogdalana), wasn’t so sure, but in typical feline fashion feigned aloofness, hoping beyond hope that her humans would come to their senses and realize that there really was no need to introduce a dog into their heretofore peaceful existence. But alas, fate had other plans for the Provan family.

IMG_2728When Sheena contacted Amy Sacks’”Pixie’s executive director and matchmaker extraordinaire’”to ask about George (then called Mel), the Pixie adoption team was put into action!

Pixie takes matching people and pets very seriously. They realize that when a family brings a pet home it’s a lifetime commitment, so it’s important to make sure that they know what they’re getting into, and even more important that they choose a pet that fits their lifestyle.

Pixie gets to know the personalities of the dogs and cats in their care, recognizing that an animal’s emotional needs are just as important as their physical needs. And of course, Amy had gotten to know Sheena through her volunteering, so when she heard that Sheena and Scott were interested in George, she knew instantly that it was a good match.

Moggy the cat wasn’t so sure, but George was smart enough to stay out of her way, and occasionally Sheena has caught them giving each other sneaky sniffs. Eventually they worked through their species-centric differences and settled in nicely together.

And George? Well, he thinks he’s died and gone to heaven!

IMG_2856‘œGeorge is one of the happiest and friendliest dogs I’ve ever met,’ says Sheena. ‘œIt takes an hour just to walk around the block because he has to say hello to EVERYONE! He does a full body wag when he sees people and never fails to make them smile.’

George is on a first name basis with most of the local pet stores and neighbors. He’s an affectionate guy who loves to cuddle and give kisses. Even if he saw you only a moment ago, seeing you again is occasion enough to justify a full on excited run, wag, lick, and snuffle!

Apparently, George has a penchant for legs and finds Portland’s hot, summer weather grand entertainment, as he has frequent occasion to lick the lower appendages of unsuspected café goers during the family’s afternoon strolls.

IMG_2683And what spoiled dog wouldn’t love going to doggy daycare, where he’s voted staff favorite due to his sweet nature and ability to greet shy dogs and help ease them into the group.

George has a sensitive side too. His favorite toy is a stuffed fox, which he’ll nibble on, but never hard enough to make it squeak. On the rare occasion the faux fox has given a squeaky ‘œyip!’ George looked super concerned, as if he’s hurt it and feels contrite.

George LOVES the sunshine and summer is his favorite season! ‘œOften when we go out for a walk he will reach the corner by the house, see a sunspot, and just lie down in it,’ reports Sheena. ‘œNo matter where it is sidewalk, shop, patch of grass, someone’s foot, next to someone’s table he’ll just lie down and refuse to move. Treats and tugs do nothing. If you go to pick him up he rolls on his back and just lays there with his legs in the air. No amount of cajoling will get him to budge, so we often just hang out there until he decides it’s time to go home.’

The Pixie team check in on George, Moggy, Sheena, and Scott occasionally to make sure everyone is healthy and happy. ‘œPuppies are hard work!’ says Sheena. ‘œBut the Pixie Project answered all our crazy questions and were just so amazing. They gave us everything we needed to help George integrate into our family. I can’t thank them enough!’

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