June 3rd, 2014

Dusty black and tan 1

Things are looking pretty dusty around here! If you ask me this is the kind of dust you’re going to want around for a long time. Hi! My name is Dusty, 10 months old, Chihuahua mix and 12 lbs. I like to dust around the house with dogs, cats and older children, but you won’t need to clean up after me. I’m potty trained!  I’m currently staying in a foster home. My foster dad says I get more comfortable everyday. I look forward to greeting his friends that stop by. Everyone seems to find my affection very endearing!   I’m just a bit sensitive at first so a quiet home would be the ideal dusty situation. This will give me time to let the dust settle on your couch, mantle and heart. With puppy classes and some patience I’ll be on my way to being the Dusty you will love having around the house. If you’re interested in getting some dust on your hands, fill out an application at pixieproject.org. I’m neutered, vaccinated and microchipped. Adoption fee $250

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