June 16th, 2013

adopted-stampimage imagePut your right foot in take your right foot out. Put your right paw in then you shake in up and down. That’s my secret handshake right there. Pleased to meet you! My name is Tango and I LOoooVEE to dance. I do it all!   Disco, Foxtrot, the hokey pokey and of course my name sake, the Tango! My name is Tango, and for good reason! I’ve got the fancy footwork down. I’m a Pointer mix and just 3 years old. I’m very active and intelligent, that’s why I can pick up choreography so easy. I love to partner dance with other dogs and people but cats can’t seem to keep up with me. Come find me on the dance floor at The Pixie Project. I’m neutered and vaccinated. Adoption fee $250. Shall we dance?

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