March 30th, 2013

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Hey Everyone! Over here! It’s me! Babbette! Oh who are we kidding, I might be small but there’s no way you’ll miss me! I may look like a glowing red puffball or even something from an animated film like Totoro–and while I definitely feel like a species all my own, they say I am actually a  3 ½ year old Pomeranian pup. And a lucky one at that, because my friends at Pixie were able to find me an amazing foster right off the bat! I come spayed, microchipped and current on all vaccines, and my adoption fee is $300. So, d’you think we might be a perfect match? Fill out an application at cause I’d love to meet you! Here are some things my fosters wanted to share with you about me (I’ll try not to blush, but as you can see’¦.;)    

‘œMany people have commented that she is the sweetest dog imaginable. People absolutely love this dog. She is very docile and well-tempered and will let almost anyone pick her up for a snuggle. Sometimes she takes an instant liking to people and will jump all over them; at other times she is a bit shy. The only time she makes any noise (tiny barks) is when she gets excited as I’m preparing her food. Most of the day she enjoys selecting her ideal bed from the various options around the apartment, preparing the bed to her exacting specifications (much pawing, etc) and then positioning herself on it so that she can alternately observe the world and snooze, which seem like fitting activities for the princess she is. She also likes a stroll to the coffee shop (which is not a stroll for her, since her tiny legs are a blur of hectic activity). Her long fur makes her an excellent indicator of wind direction and speed!’

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