March 8th, 2013

adopted-stampNed Border Collie 1

Hey Everyone! Here we have Ned, a very handsome Border Collie who was rescued by one of our amazing fosters. He is such a lovable guy that he will be staying with her while we comb applications to find his perfect match, and we can set up a meet and greet for you anytime! Here are the thoughtful words and info his foster had to share about him:


Ned aka “The Stinging Neddle”, “Mr Ned” or “Nedders” is a Border Collie who is approximately 5 years old, male / neutered. Ned was found on a country road in Clark County, Washington. He was rescued and reported as a stray but went unclaimed. It was suspected by the people in the area, that he was dumped.

Ned has been with his foster family for approx three months. In that time he has demonstrated gentlemanly behavior by not chewing anything, waiting to be invited before getting up on the furniture, doing his “business” outside only and playing nice, for the most part, with the other dogs. He is gentle, alert , walks beautifully on a leash and is quite happy to lounge in his dog bed in the living room. In spite of having a longer coat, he does not appear to shed very much. It is unknown if Ned is good with small children but we know that his is good with kids over 7 years old.

Ned loves to roll on the grass and LOVES playing with Phil, a male dog that he appears to respect as his equal. He loves our two little dogs (one a puppy and one a senior) who love to climb all over him. He is prey driven and would not be good in a home with cats, rodents, rabbits, etc… Ned will chase squirrels if given the opportunity. Ned is not a very vocal dog

but will bark if there is a deer in the yard or if he thinks I’m going for a walk without him. When food is present, care should be taken if there is another dog in the same room. Ned doesn’t like to share and he will guard the food source. At times, Ned will be a bit stubborn about coming in from the yard and has to be lured with treats. Ned is a very intelligent boy that catches onto routines quickly. He would make a wonderful addition to any family or the perfect companion for a single person. If you have another dog, that would be great. In spite of a sometimes rocky start, Ned LOVES other dogs. You can see video of Ned playing with Phil, Bug and Lucy in the snow.

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