September 25th, 2012

Adopted Stampmittens 1

Greetings all!  My name is Mittens and I am ready to party like it’s 1999!  No seriously, I was born that year and that is one good excuse to celebrate!  I know some people will do the math and stop reading my bio right….now, but they are missing out!  I am one fabulously awesome boy.  I am active, energetic, affectionate and am in super good shape.  Don’t believe me?  Ask the ladies at Pixie why they had to take the top shelf on the cattery structure down.  Apparently it was “impossible” for a cat to climb up there, “unreachable” they said,  but with my athletic brawn I was able to get up there every day!  But I happily came back down for cuddle time and treats.  I have no trouble making friends with anyone.  From silly kittens to prissy lady cats, everyone likes me!  That goes for people too, I am an instant lover.  What do you say?  Want to give this handsome boy a cozy home for the winter?  Come visit the Pixie Project cattery where I currently live.  I am fixed, vaccinated and microchipped.  My adoption fee is $60.

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