September 6th, 2012

Adopted Stamp2gloria 2

Doh doh….doo da day….I’m a sweetie pie!!! I am doughy and soft and wiggly and curvy and all and all a big ‘ol lover!!  I used to watch way too much daytime TV on the couch eating bonbons, so you can say I’m bit of a ‘larger’ lady, but now I have joined the Pixie Project Weight Watchers program and boy am I counting my points! I even write down when I have chewy bone because don’t think there aren’t some hidden calories in those things oooohhhh no! I am goofy and all around happy girl who is friendly with all.  So ok I’m no marathon runner..YET! But maybe we could do it together. You know..hit the trails? Pump some iron? Maybe get into our skinny jeans?? Maybe all you needed was a little inspiration – well here I am!
I am four years young and while I do awesome with other doggies sometimes kitties get me a bit excited so a feline free home would be awesome. Come on down and meet me I guarantee you I will make you smile!!  I am also house trained.

I am fixed, vaccinated and microchipped. My adoption fee is $220

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