July 26th, 2012

 Adopted StampAnnie

My name is Annie and I take pleasure in the best cured meats, aged cheeses and any well crafted cuisine – that’s right, I’m a foodie!  I’m looking to follow my passion and become an editor to my own blog “In the Kitchen with Annie” where each week we feature a new food topic and I share some of my very favorite recipes! This week’s topic “Breakfast Meats..The Right Way to Start the Day.”  Oh….did I mention I love bacon? Yes, yes I do. I know, I know its soooo trendy to be a bacon lover but I was one of the originals. Mom used to cook on the top of an old trash can lid over a fire and I can still remember the smell.

So look, here is where it gets a little tricky. For some reason, honestly have no idea why, I have found myself homeless and without a place to share my culinary creations or plug in my laptop to share my great wealth of gastromic knowledge.  

My pluses:

I am declawed : that’s right nooooo scratching here folks!

I am a great cook!! Wake up to sausage and eggs anyone?

Look at this face….need I say more?

My minuses:


So that’s it! simple! I am living in foster care so please contact the pixie project to set up a meet and greet!!  


starting of course with my favorite category : breakfast meats. Each category will be comprised of  

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