October 28th, 2011

We get many everyday, but here are a few to you to chew on.


We have two small children so we think we should buy a puppy so we know what we are getting and it’s safe for our kids?
Well do you love cleaning up poop? Waking up in the middle of the night? Listening to crying even though you just fed and cleaned “the baby”?   Yep! All those are the fantastic parts to raising a puppy!  While they are sweet and adorable, puppies are a huge amount of work! With two small kids in the home consider taking it easy on yourself and adopting an adolescent or adult dog who knows the ropes in household living and will bring joy and entertainment to the kids rather than stress and frustration to you!


Aren’t all shelter animals there because they are “damaged”?
The answer is a resounding NO! You may be shocked to learn that most of the animals that come into our program do so through absolutely no fault of their own! Our most commonly heard reasons for relinquishment are entirely circumstantial.


“I have a really hyper dog and it’s driving me crazy. I was thinking I should get another dog so they can play and get out each others energy.”
One hyper dog plus one hyper dog equals two hyper dogs. NOT two mellow dogs. If your dog has too much energy consider looking at what type of mental and physical stimulation you are providing and get creative about ways to get your pup what it needs. Think doggie daycare is expensive? Consider the cost of feeding, boarding and vetting another dog. Think your pup is rowdy in the house? Think of a never-ending game of “tag you’re it” through your living room. Focus on the one and once you are in a steady and reliable routine where everyone is happy, then consider adding to the family.


I need to shed some pounds. If I get an active puppy I will be forced to hit the trails?
Back up! If you think taking on a lab puppy will be the quickest way to prepare for bikini season, think again! The biggest mistake we see pet owners make is choosing an animal that doesn’t match their activity level. If you’re looking to walk your way to a slimmer physique consider a dog who shares that same need. Nothing will be more likely to motivate you than a vet telling you that your beloved pooch could stand to drop a few. Consider taking on the challenge together and their success will inspire yours!


Are these pets healthy?
All of our pets are thoroughly screened and seen by a veterinarian prior to entering our adoption center. Our adoptable animals are all spayed or neutered, vaccinated, and microchipped.


What is the ‘œlifetime’ return policy for adopted pets?
We do everything we can to ensure “forever” matches, however, The Pixie Project understands that there are situations in a person’s life that can make it impossible to keep an animal. Animals adopted through The Pixie Project may be returned to us at any time.

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