January 24th, 2011


The first thing you should know about Tamale is that he isn’t “Tamale” anymore.

He changed his name. He is quite marketing savvy actually.

The new name: Orange Julius Caesar.

The “Orange Julius” part because he is sweet and smooth (and Orange); the “Julius Caesar” part because he is a little emperor.

Also you should know he likes to be called “OJC” for short.

OJC is not very athletic. He can’t jump up on counters. He’s got just enough in him to get up on a couch or bed though, and he likes those spots.

OJC is clean. He spends time after each meal making sure he looks good.

OJC only will talk to you when he’s hungry, so you won’t forget to feed him.

OJC is the color of a gold retriever.

OJC looks like a tiny lion.

OJC is soft like a sheep, but unlike a sheep he can sleep indoors on your bed. And he likes to do this. And he won’t bother you at night.

OJC loves to be in laps. He loves to be stroked.

OJC will play, but it’s more a bonus than a necessity. Sometimes he just plays with tiny scraps that aren’t even toys. They could be considered garbage to some people, but OJC finds their inner beauty.

OJC thinks in Garfield’s voice.

He’s such a good cat emperor. Come meet him.

His adoption fee is $100.   He is fixed, vaccinated, microchipped and currently living in foster care.

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