January 24th, 2011

Hello, I am Chanel, enchanted to meet you.   I must say, I am not keen living in here with all of these … boys.   I am an 8 year old  lady and expect a little more out of life than constantly finding uncovered litter in the box and hair all over the place.   Really, they are mostly adults in here, but act like a bunch of kittens, you’d think they would have a little more common decency.   I don’t think they even groom themselves more than once a week!   Ugh, so disgusting.   Well I am most certainly not like them, I keep my things in place and have a very strict grooming regimen knowing that I need to be fresh and ready to go when I meet my new family!   And they will understand that as a lady I deserve finer things in life.   You know Buff colored girls like me aren’t born every day!   We are an elite group and should be treated as such.   A heated bed, the best quality food, maybe a diamond encrusted litter box? Surely my family will understand that is just what I need!   Do you think you can offer the very best life for this very best kitty?   I will be sure to reward you with long affectionate evenings of cuddling and purring.   If that sounds like a dream to you, please come visit me at the Pixie Project cattery.   I may be in the the corner quietly imagining the perfect life, but don’t let that fool you.   I am quite the sweetie pie and do get a long with everyone!   Even the other cats, if only there weren’t so many boys!   I am fixed, vaccinated and microchipped.   My adoption fee is $100.    

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