January 20th, 2011



Hola, my name is Don Diego de la Vega, but more popularly I am known as   – Zorro.   I am unmistakeable in appearance with my dashing good looks and black mask around the eyes.   I use this mask to stay mysterious when I am combatting the law in order to gain justice for the people!   And what does Don Diego de la Vega do when not donning the alternate personality of Zorro to achieve prosperity for local citizens?   Why I hang around the house with my catnip toys waiting to find a soft lap to snuggle on of course!   I am hugely affectionate (care for a kitty hug?), but please, do not go spreading this information around, I still need to seem tough and callous in the eyes of my foes!   I am 8 years old and looking to find a new neighborhood in need of a mysterious vigilante, do you know of one?   If so, fill out an application at pixieproject.org and we can schedule a meet and greet.   I am fixed, vaccinated, and microchipped.   My adoption fee is $100 and I am currently in foster care.

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