October 28th, 2010

Hi friends! You know that song – sweet as tupelo honey?? Well they made that song for me!! That’s right, I am naturally sweet, gooey, loving, and delightfully snuggly. I am a quiet and soulful lady who has had a rough, rough go. I came here from a very, very overcrowded shelter because I had some lumps on my belly and the other shelter couldn’t afford to have them treated. I had had many litters of puppies and then when I looked like I couldn’t do it anymore my owners just abandoned me with my best bud a little chihuahua. Of course my friend got adopted because she was cute and little, just like whenever we would go out looking for guys and they all thought she was the cute one! So unfair! But now I am healthy and happy, and I am ready to light up someone’s life. I will make an amazing companion for someone who truly wants a soul mate, I am determined to bring joy and happiness to everyone I meet. Oh, except for kitties, for them I bring a bit of annoyance so no felines please. I am fixed, vaccinated and microchipped. I am about 5 years old and weigh approx 45 lbs. I am living in foster care so if you would like to meet me please contact the Pixie Project to set it up! My adoption fee is $100

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