July 11th, 2022

With the dramatic reduction in services provided by the county shelter, we’re stretched thinner than ever at Pixie. We really appreciate your patience–it’s taking a little extra time to respond to every call and email. On top of our normal rescue, adoption, and clinic programs, we’re managing dozens of calls and emails every day from owners in crisis who are being turned away from other shelters and neighbors who are trying to help abandoned cats that are no longer accepted at the county facility.

We’re working to find long-term solutions to help expand our safety net, but right now, things are tough. Our staff is trying hard to reach everyone as quickly as we can, but we’re also dealing with the financial realities of fixing, vaccinating, and caring for cats who would normally be cared for at the county shelter.

If you’re able to help, consider making a donationPixie does not receive any government funding–we rely on donations to provide these essential services. 

Pixie is currently operating by appointment only with an approved application. (Learn about our adoption process and find our applications here.) Staff will be available by email (info@pixieproject.org), phone (503-542-3432), and will be checking voicemail during normal shelter hours. 

Urgent cases and request for aid are our first priority—we appreciate your patience with non-emergency emails. Due to a number of unprecedented crises and a reduction in county services for stray and abandoned, we’re seeing more emergencies every day than we ever have before. Please allow up to 5-7 business days to respond to adoption applications. This is not our norm but our current reality.

DOG fosters:  with some of our foster families headed back to work and school, we’re looking for a few more people to add to our Foster Roster! We may not have the right dog for you immediately, but we want to make sure we have some extra homes available when we have dogs who need them! Fill out the foster application or email with any questions!

If you are interested in fostering CATS (especially adult cats!) fill out an application or email us for more info. 

Adoptions and intake will continue to take place, but all appointments must be scheduled in advance after filling out an adoption applicationthe shelter will not be open to the general public.

If you have filled out an application for a cat, dog, or kitten, please do not call to check in unless you haven’t heard from us in 5-7 days! We’re processing applications as quickly as we can, but with the higher volume of applications and phone calls about those applications, it’s taking a little longer to get back to everyone! We have office staff at the shelter Tues-Sat and we’re dealing with an unprecedented number of urgent and emergency cases due to a reduction of services at the county shelter. We’ll get back to everyone, but we’re a small shelter and we’re stretched further than we’ve ever been before. 

If you have Donations to Drop-off: Donations are accepted Tuesday – Friday 11-6 and Saturday 11-4. Please ring the doorbell and we will meet you at the door to bring the donations inside. Before dropping off, please check out the list of items we’re able to accept:  https://www.pixieproject.org/category/wishlist/ You do not need an appointment to drop off donations during those hours!

If an adoptable animal has pending in the title of their listing, it means they have a meet with a potential adopter lined up. Understandably, these are taking longer to arrange. If you are interested in meeting an animal, please email us your completed application and we will update you if that animal becomes available.

Thank You!
-The Pixie Project Staff

The Pixie Project is a non-profit animal adoption center and rescue located in the heart of Portland, Oregon.

At Pixie, we make animal adoption and rescue a fun, family friendly, and positive experience. Our dedicated staff focuses on finding life-long matches between pet and adopter and takes a hands-on, personal approach to each and every adoption.

Pixie is committed to keeping pets healthy, happy, and in their homes for life. Our on-site clinic offers low-income and homeless pet owners access to vital veterinary care and low-cost spay/neuter surgeries, keeping pets out of shelters and saving lives.

Our philosophy at Pixie is simple and unique: find the perfect pet for each person or family. At Pixie we’re not about getting animals out the door, we’re about getting pets into lifetime homes. Sometimes the “right” pet is waiting for you, and other times you may have to search for a while before your canine or feline soul-mate arrives. We promise, it will be worth the wait!

Ready to meet your match? Visit our adoptions page to view cats and dogs ready for a new home!

December 1st, 2022

I’m a little shy guy but don’t swipe left just yet! Older kids don’t tend to bother me too much and humans aren’t too bad either, I just need some time to warm up to you. Once I feel nice and comfy though, offer me a hand and I’ll head butt you for some gentle pets. Go ahead and have your people contact my people and let’s meet up for some cat nip sometime at the Pixie Project!

December 1st, 2022

Pro social, pro talker. Tygy is an 8 month old female Torbie looking for her fur-ever home, where she can tell you all about her day (she will insist upon it)! She loves pets, chin scratches, and singing the song of her people. Tygy is a sweetheart who would love to cuddle up and keep you company, so fill out an application today to meet this young lady. I come to you vaccinated, microchipped and spayed with an adoption fee of $100. 

November 30th, 2022

I hope I’m not too hidden from plain sight for you to see what a great catch I am.  This lady is around 4 years old and was declawed by a previous owner so we ask that she remain an indoor only kitty. I have lived in a home with another kitty before so with the right fit could share a home with another cat savvy feline.  Fill out an application today to set up a meet. I come to you vaccinated, microchipped and spayed with an adoption fee of $100.

November 30th, 2022

Umm may I beg your pardon for just a moment? While this silly cat is named monkey she has a bit more dog qualities than primate. She loves to fetch a toy….still working on the bring it back part though….Monkey is a 4 year old female and has been in a home with another cat before so could live with another cat savvy friend.  Fill out an application today to set up a meet. I come to you vaccinated, microchipped and spayed with an adoption fee of $100.

November 30th, 2022

If you’ve seen a cuter cat face than this one, we’re gonna need to see some proof. Pandy may look a little off but it’s only because this doll face doesn’t happen to have her upper canines, so sometimes her lips get stuck.  She is around one year old and can’t wait to snuggle up to her new fam. Fill out an application today to set up a meet. I come to you vaccinated, microchipped and spayed with an adoption fee of $100.

November 30th, 2022

Hey you. Yeah you. Why haven’t you come down to meet me yet? I’m a big lady with big feelings and I want to tell you all about it. I love pets, I love treats (maybe too much), and I love a big warm bed. Maizy is about 4 years old and was declawed by a previous owner so we ask that she remain an indoor only kitty, she could benefit from a little exercise in addition to lots of TLC.  Fill out an application today to set up a meet. I come to you vaccinated, microchipped and spayed with an adoption fee of $100.

November 30th, 2022



Bindi is a 15 week old female labradoodle. She is sweet, smart and playful. Bindi is a little shy, so a confident older dog brother to show her the ropes and help her gain confidence is a must. She’s looking to be placed in a quiet home, no apartments. Kids 12 and up are ok. Dog savvy cats are okay by her, too. While potty training and basic socialization is going well, she needs a home with a predictable schedule and structure to help her thrive. Puppy socialization classes are required. If she sounds like the baby ball of fur for you, apply for to adopt her here! She comes to you spayed, microchipped and vaccinated for an adoption fee of $500. 

November 30th, 2022


Dusty is 7 months old 34 pound hound mix. Baby Dusty is a sweetheart of a puppy who loves people, cuddling and playing. He would do okay with kids 8 and older and would love to have a confident older dog sister to help show him the ropes and play with him. He would also live perfectly content with a confident cat. We would like him to have a house with a yard to continue his potty training and a positive reinforcement basic manners class is a requirement. If Dusty seems like the perfect addition to your family, fill out an application today! He comes to you neutered, microchipped, and vaccinated for an adoption fee of $500.

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