The Pixie Project is a non-profit animal adoption center and rescue located in the heart of Portland, Oregon.

At Pixie, we make animal adoption and rescue a fun, family friendly, and positive experience. Our dedicated staff focuses on finding life-long matches between pet and adopter and takes a hands-on, personal approach to each and every adoption.

Pixie is committed to keeping pets healthy, happy, and in their homes for life. Our on-site clinic offers low-income and homeless pet owners access to vital veterinary care and low-cost spay/neuter surgeries, keeping pets out of shelters and saving lives.

Our philosophy at Pixie is simple and unique: find the perfect pet for each person or family. At Pixie we’re not about getting animals out the door, we’re about getting pets into lifetime homes. Sometimes the “right” pet is waiting for you, and other times you may have to search for a while before your canine or feline soul-mate arrives. We promise, it will be worth the wait!

Ready to meet your match? Visit our adoptions page to view cats and dogs ready for a new home!

July 13th, 2019


Ollie is sweet 8 year old guy needing a new home due to his owner passing away in early July. Ollie has been an indoor/outdoor cat  in the past and will stay close if you let him go outside. He has lived inside for the last few years and would be a good companion for someone living in an apartment.

Ollie is gentle and mellow. He loves to sit on laps, be brushed and play with the laser pointer dot.  He is happy around people and will head butt you to get pets. He loves to hangout in a closet if he needs alone time. Ollie has his front claws, uses his littler box every time and is happy to be picked up. He is up to date on his shots. Please reach out if you think he might a good fit for you.

Please contact Jennifer at 503-954-4990 (Call or text) for more info!

July 12th, 2019

Greetings! My name is Maeve and I am a sweet 12 year old Cattledog weighing around 50lbs. As you can see, I am in the process of growing my hair out after some past neglect which left me itchy and hairless. But I have received the care I need and am feeling much better, and my hair as already started coming back! I am a lovable gal who really loves my people and enjoying short walks around the block. I have met some dog and cat friends at the shelter, but in the home, I would much rather be your shining star. Someone to pamper and give me all the love and attention that I haven’t had much of before. I am a simple and mellow lady and don’t require much. Just some tasty treats, evening walks around the block, and then back inside for some couch time and night time snuggles. Since I am a bit older, I would do best in a quiet home with kiddos over 13. Quiet, easy going, and warmhearted, I am looking for my forever home today. Will it be with you? Fill out an application, so we can meet. I come to you vaccinated, micro-chipped, spayed, with a recent dental and bloodwork with an adoption fee of $350. 

July 12th, 2019


Minouche is a 13 year old cat who originally hails from France, so she’s quite the world traveler. She has a strong personality, and while she’s not a lap cat all the time, she does love to sit next to her person with her nose against their leg or arm. She is very quiet, hardly every meows, but when she does it is a tiny little squeak that will melt your heart. She loves supervised visits outside and is a big fan of eating plants and flowers (cat safe ones, of course).

Mincouhe is a “single princess” and cannot be in a house with other animals. She has never been around children, but she doesn’t like to be grabbed or touched without initiating contact, which may pose an issue for smaller children. While she loves her independence and spends a great deal of her time exploring nooks and crannies you don’t even know exist in the house, we loves to be around people and will hang out with you while you do homework or watch TV. I don’t want to rehome her, but she’s not happy in our new place and I can’t provide an alternative. I want her to be happy and healthy and have a house to run around again. She needs to be alone. 
I have her passport which includes all her shots and certificate of health.

If you’re interested in meeting this sweet older lady, please contact Heaven-Leigh at 503-374-6973.

July 12th, 2019

The kittens are here!!! We have oodles of cute little kittens waiting for their new homes! They are all sweet, cuddly, playful and looking for love! Please come in and see what we have available, as it changes daily. All kittens are spayed and neutered, vaccinated and microchipped before adoption. Kittens 16 weeks and under must go in pairs if there is not another social, friendly cat already in the home. They are vaccinated, micro-chipped, and spayed/neutered with an adoption fee of $135 each ($243 for a pair). Come on over to Pixie or fill out an application today to meet them! Please email for more information! Shelter hours are 11-6 Tuesday-Friday, 11-4 Saturday.

Nancy has been a longtime Pixie donor and supporter and in the last year has turned into one of our most valuable event volunteers! She’s a positive, friendly, and knowledgeable Pixie representative at all kinds of events and has helped us build and strengthen relationships with some of our favorite business partners. This year, she also added ‘Pixie Adopter’ to her resume and is now enjoying life with her Pixie Pup, Olive. Thank you, Nancy!

July 11th, 2019

Hello everyone! My name is Sonny and I am looking for a nice quiet retirement home to settle down in. I am a 12-13 year old Husky mix with a big heart with lots of love to give. Besides a few old stiff joints, I am quite the healthy lad. Right now I am looking for a little break from the shelter life and could really use a foster home to help me get some rest and relaxation. I do enjoy my daily walks, though I am not an avid hiker, and then it’s back home for mid day cuddles with you! My ideal home would be a quieter adult only home with no cats, but another mellow doggy companion would be just fine. Fill out an application for me today! I come to you neutered, vaccinated, micro-chipped with an up to date dental and bloodwork with an adoption fee of $300. 

July 11th, 2019

Call me Lulu! I’m a sweet, spirited, chatty little 6-year-old Tortoiseshell gal with a gold-streaked nose. I’m a very loving kitty that will cuddle next to your legs at night and keep you warm. I’m used to a quiet life as I lived with my former owner in a care facility until she sadly passed away. Though I can be just a little shy so far after moving around, I’m incredibly gentle and soft and welcome cuddles and pets from my foster parents. When I’m in the mood, I love to play with cat toys and the ribbon wand and can get really wound up – it’s really quite cute! Like any kitty, I welcome playtime and affection and I’m also relatively independent, so would be totally fine staying home to nap while you’re at work all day. Aside from staring out the window to watch the birds and listen to the noises of the Outside World, I have no other interest in it and wouldn’t mind at all living an indoor-only lifestyle in a house or apartment. I was a wonderful, loving companion for my former owner until she moved on from this life and I’m ready to find that connection with another person looking for a furry, funny best friend like me! My foster mom says that I’m a real treat to have in the house, and whoever adopts me will be one lucky person! Could that person be you? I’m currently living in a foster home, so fill out an application to meet me today! I come to you fixed, vaccinated, and micro-chipped for an adoption fee of $100.

July 10th, 2019

Lou here! I’m an incredibly sweet 9-year-old boy with a very gentle demeanor and I absolutely love people! I’m a pretty mellow couch potato type of kitty and don’t need much to keep me happy, though I can get pretty playful if you’ve got a string toy in front of me. Mostly, I’m into getting lots of attention and I’ll usually walk up to whoever is around to ask for some pets and belly rubs! I’m not one to shy away from folks, even little ones. I am perfectly happy to let little kids squish me and give me big ol’ hugs, it’s really quite sweet! I was surrendered to Pixie with another kitty and we seemed to get along pretty well, however when I was around other cats in the Pixie cattery, I could be a bit of a bully. I seem perfectly happy to be your one-and-only feline prince and I also seem totally un-bothered by dogs, so perhaps a doggy friend would be okay. Pixie has already run bloodwork on me and before my owner passed away, I’d also had a lot of great medical care throughout my life. I was hit by a car as a young cat and have metal hips so sometimes my back legs can get a little bit stiff, but I’ve lived many years since my surgeries and really am in fabulous health. I will make a person or family a really wonderful kitty companion! Won’t you come meet me and see for yourself? I’m currently residing at the Petco on SE 122nd & Division, and come to you fixed, vaccinated, and microchipped for an adoption fee of $100.

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