Photography by Lara Blair
September 4th, 2014


Hey, I’m Harrison Ford, im sure you’ve seen me in a handful of major feature films. I’ve been on the scene since birth! I’m 2 years old. I don’t work well with young children so my agent often casts me with older kids and other animals. Im I’m still working on my craft so I must keep taking classes. If you’d like to audition for my next picture set up a meeting with my agents at The Pixie Project. Lights, camera, action! I’m neutered and vaccinated, adoption fee of $250

September 4th, 2014


You know what? I haven’t been in town long but I can already tell the city of Portland has spunk and a whole lota love to go around. Just like me! I’m Dobbins, a 6 year Chihuahua mix. Like Portland I’m faithful as ever. Did you see that Trail Blazer win last weekend? Wow! I’m so proud of our city. When I’m not watching the game I love to curl up in a ball (no pun intended) by you feet. I’m potty trained and can be a bit mischievous at times, so you better keep an eye on this prize! Fill out an application and come shoot the breeze with me at The Pixie Project. I’m spayed and vaccinated. Adoption fee $250.

July 21st, 2014


Greetings human. I come in peace. I arrive bringing social skills and affection. Do not be alarmed by my extraordinarily cute features. I am a Chihuahua just 2 years of age. I landed safely here this morning. I think I’m gunna like it here! Everyone’s been so nice and friendly. Im pretty new to this planet so you may find me a bit shy initially, but once I get to know you I will be a down to earth guy. I love to explore and walk this big new world. I’m seeking a new leader. Someone kind and loving. Someone to guide me and to be my partner on this planet I now call home. I’m getting excellent readings from you now. Permission to board your heart? I’m neutered, vaccinated . Adoption fee $250

July 14th, 2014



Come one, come all! Kitten season is upon us and we are up to our ears in them here at Pixie! They are beyond delightful and each looking for that perfect forever home, so why not swing by and see if you fall in love today? Kitten adoption fees are $135 and include kitten vaccines (except for rabies, they are too young for that) spay/neuter and microchip.  Also, kittens under 4 months either need to go to a home with another animal already present, or be adopted together for 10% off the adoption fee. 







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