Photography by Lara Blair
August 12th, 2016

Zoe1 Zoe2


Zoe is a pretty little white dog with a big heart.  Three years ago, Zoe was found at the Marion County dog pound.  She looked as if she had recently had a litter of pups.  Her right rear paw had been surgically removed.  She was a mess and needed some dental work and a spay.  But ending up in the dog pound was probably the best thing to have happened to little dog Zoe.  She was finally safe.  My Mom adopted her and she fell in love right away.  They were inseparable.  Mom passed away a couple of months ago.  And now, I am fostering Zoe at my house, where she lives with two big rescue dogs, cats and chickens too.  She is getting lots of love and she is bouncing back.
Zoe would love to have a second chance at love.  She loves to snuggle on the couch, and even while missing a paw, she can jump up with no problem.  She can wander the farm here with the other dogs.  When she wants to move fast, she just holds up the bad paw and hops right along.
Zoe needs regular grooming.  She is not a big fan of brushing, but she tolerates going to the groomer pretty well.  She does not shed.  The Maltese are known for being hard to potty train.  With a regular schedule she does pretty good.  She is O.K. with a pee pad, if you are.  The car is scary to Zoe, but she does not mind a ride with reassurance.  Zoe is looking for a quiet home with someone who will dote on her.  And she will repay with kisses and a little yip when you walk in the door.
Zoe is about 7 or 8 years old and weighs about 11 pounds and she is mostly Maltese. If interested in adopting her, please contact Kelly at 503-593-4520.


Willy Luna love_3536

Aren’t we the cutest siblings ever? Ok, so we didn’t come from the same mom, but we have been together our whole lives and thus are attached at the hip. That handsome mug on the bottom there is me, Willy. I am a 7 year tabby and my always styling in a tuxedo 3 year old sister in the top picture there is Luna. We are best friends. Did I mention that already? We are both so affectionate and love to interact with humans of all ages, other cats, and even dogs too! So fill out an application today and come down to Pixie to give us lots of cuddles. We come to you fixed, vaccinated, and micro-chipped with a total adoption fee of $180.

August 11th, 2016

IMG_-9e6lac Resized952016080395162232 (1)

Who is that striking gentleman in the black and white tuxedo? It’s me! Puppy the Cat! At 17 years young, I am still full of spunk and love to climb all over the Pixie office to find just the right spot to lay in the sun. Boy do I love my naps. Almost as much as my wet food (especially since I have no teeth!). I am just an affectionate guy that longs for your touch. Or better yet, a nice warm lap to snuggle on! So come on down to Pixie to visit the one and only Puppy the cat! I come to you vaccinated, neutered, and micro-chipped with an adoption fee of $80.

August 10th, 2016



Now that our female orange tabby cat is an adult, she has demonstrated to us that she wants to be the only cat to rule her roost in our home.  I simply need to do what is best for Blaire: it now is clear that our wonderful four year old cat needs a new home, yet, she will be truly missed.  Fortunately, for her next family, Blaire is an absolutely wonderful cat to have in your home. She is young, she is very relaxed, and she is also playful.

I think that Blaire is probably the most snuggly and loving cat ever! She often adores being held and purrs while being carried around: frankly, she would be happy if your arms could be her kitty bed! She enjoys a nice relaxed grooming, and although she meows a bit, she does quite well with a bath, surprisingly.

Blaire has a grand purr that can be heard throughout the room, and she is always quick to come to someone’s side with a comforting nudge.  I imagine that she would be an incredible comfort cat for people who work with service animals, and she seems like she could train easily. When a person is sad or hurt, Blaire is very eager to support someone who is crying, often meowing along with them, and I swear I have seen her eyes fill with tears. It’s incredible how much love she gives. I know that Blaire will bring a special spirit of loving attention to her new home.  Her new family will be fortunate beyond measure to have Blaire the Bighearted as their caring feline companion. Blaire is very interactive, and has been around children and elders since I rescued her at four months old.  She seems to be great around all ages and loves to be where the people in the house are hanging out.
She does not have the tips of her front claws and it makes her vulnerable to any predators, so she must remain an indoor cat.  Luckily, she loves the luxuries of indoor life, and will meow a pretty song for some extra canned food as a treat. 🙂

She also enjoys “singing” along with piano and other musical instruments, and she “responds” when people talk to her as though it is a conversation. She loves to play with typical cat toys, crumpled paper, string, and the inner top ring of milk cartons(!). If you are interested in bringing Blaire into your life, please contact Sarah at 269-216-8533.

August 10th, 2016

FullSizeRender (1)

How do you do? It’s me! Little Miss Peggy Sue. I am a 5 year old chihuahua mix who is very a independent and funny girl. Give me a few toys and watch my whimsical personality unfurl! I am sweet and friendly to everyone I meet, including those with paws and those on two feet. I am pretty calm and low key, so a quiet home with older kids 12+ would be best for me! I am ok with other pups and those kitties too, but mostly I just want to play with you! I am just a chill gal looking for that very special pal! Fill out an application today, so you and I can meet and play! I come to you spayed, vaccinated, and micro-chipped with an adoption fee of $250.

August 10th, 2016
Two 6 year-old Sphynx litter mates (neutered) who love spending time with their humans need humans with more time to spend! I have lived with and loved these two love-bugs for 6 years, since they were kittens. They love sunny windows, warm places (the absence of hair makes this especially sought-out), and snuggling on laps.
NB: Sphynxes are different from other breeds- they need to be bathed (they’re used to it) as often as once a week or every 2 weeks depending on your tolerance or they get a little smudgy. One really does need to have his claws clipped (he’s used to it) because they are sharp! These two are thriving on a limited ingredient diet (Royal Canin Select Protein), and the little guy has a pancreatic enzyme mixed into his food twice a day. He also needs vitamin B injections once a month (I give these to him- it’s easier than it sounds).
These wonderful cats are being rehomed through the Pixie Project. Please fill out an application at and email it to

August 10th, 2016

Eddie 2 Eddie

Ciao my friends! My name is Eddie and I am super adorable 9 year old Italian Greyhound/Chihuahua mix! I am just a sweet old man reminiscing about my days in the home land and wishing for someone’s lap to snuggle on. I may be older, but man do I still have spunk! I love prancing around the house or outside on a short afternoon stroll.  But what I really need is just a quiet place to lounge around and live out the rest of my retirement years, playing some shuffle board and napping on the couch. Then a bit later we can chow down on some of my authentic Italian cuisine and a nice chewy for me! I am ok with other dogs, but I am not much of a player, so I would much rather prefer a calmer pup like myself. Cats are ok too!  So fill out an application today, so you can set up a meet with me, Eddie Spaghetti! I come to you neutered, vaccinated, and micro-chipped with an adoption fee of $250. Grazie!

August 9th, 2016


Hi! My name is Darby and I am an insanely adorable 2 year old spaniel mix.  I am very loving and affectionate with enough energy to go for a nice long walk or run and then come right back and snuggle on your lap. I am full of spunk and really desire affection from my human friends more than anything! I would do best in an a spacious, low key environment with no kids or cats as I am a bit bouncy. Even other dogs don’t always understand my unique playstyle! I do have some puppy pals that I love to romp around with here at Pixie, but dogs parks would be too overwhelming for me. I am just a sweet cuddly kid looking for my long lost love. Are you my soulmate? Fill out an application today, so we can find out! I come to you neutered, vaccinated, and micro-chipped with an adoption fee of $250.

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