Photography by Lara Blair
August 8th, 2014

Cairo on stairs


Wanted: New home for sweet, affectionate male tabby
My cat, Cairo, is a (almost) 6 year old male domestic short hair. He’s a beautiful buff tabby (light tan with strips and yellow eyes). He’s microchipped, licensed in Multnomah County, and caught up on shots and vaccines.
While we love him very much, we think he might like a slightly less chaotic home than what we can provide. We have a two-year-old, and while he is completely mellow around her (even when she tried to color his ears with crayons or sit on him), he prefers to hide when she is awake–which means he hides most of the time these days. He still loves attention, but prefers to come out only when it’s quiet–which isn’t very often.
He’s been an indoor-cat and only-cat all his life, so he would be best in a similar environment. He does like an occassional sniff around the patio, but generally speaking, he does not run for the door when it opens and has a healthy skepticism about the outdoors. He’s never been around dogs or other cats. He’d probably be OK, but then he might be apt to just hide all the time, and that’s not what I’d want for him.
With us, he has lived in everything from a studio apartment to a three story townhouse, and has moved with us 5 times, so he is a flexible kitty. As long as he has his bowl, his litterbox, and decent place to hide, he’s happy. (His favorite hiding spots are in cupboards and under blankets. He can squeeze into some pretty tiny spots if he wants to.)
He is also low-maintenance. If we have to leave town for a fews days, we just leave out extra food and water. If we are gone a week or more, we’ll have someone check on him. He loves plain old dry cat food and isn’t interested in people food at all.
He’s always been 100% loyal and loving to “his people” but skittish and shy around strangers. Though, once you have been around him for a day or two, he warms up and becomes a sweet, affection-seeking kitty.
I think he’d be best with a person or couple who love kitties on their laps and have more time to give him the pets and affection than our growing family has. I think he’d also be fine with older childen (teens or mature kids) who LOVE kitties and need a sweet pal to cuddle with. He is fine with little kids, but he’s just not into all the noise they make and chaos. He will just hide if he’s not OK with a situation.
He very well trained. He ONLY goes the bathroom in his cat box. He has NEVER sprayed. Ever.
Please note that while Cairo is a sweet cat, he’s also very shy and skittish. He WILL hide from any new person for (probably) several days, so a new pet parent should know to not be discouraged if he doesn’t eat or come out from hiding a few days when he first gets to a new home. But he will warm up, and become a happy lap cat eventually.
I can help with re-registering his micro-chip and licensing (if he stays in the county), and I can provide records of his medical care. (He currently goes to the VCA in Woodstock.)
Please contact Taylor Houston at or call/text 503-317-3794 if you are interested in bringing sweet Cairo home or know someone who would love him.

July 30th, 2014



I found her five years ago in the rain with infected eyes. The infection healed but her eyesight is not as good as a regular cat. She can navigate our house, yard, and remodels that we work on. She likes a fenced yard and gets along with neighborhood cats as they come in and investigate. She is a good companion, talkative, cuddly, and affectionate. Due to her eyesight children are probably not a good idea. She is spayed with all her shots. We have to give her up because we are retiring and moving to a smaller situation that does not have cats. If you are interested please contact Diane at 503-318-9018 or email at

June 26th, 2014

unnamed-1 unnamed

Hi I’m Bruno! A dashing six year old domestic short hair male feline. My foster mom says I am very healthy and quite flirty when I want attention, I even paw and make biscuits in the air! While shy at first, I am also known to warm up quickly to new company, even mellow dogs and young kids once they’ve settled. I am neutered, microchipped, and current on all vaccines, and my adoption fee is $100. Think I could be just the man you’ve been looking for? Fill out an adoption application at so we can arrange a time to get to know eachother! 

- Grant Will Enhance Pixie’s Veterinary Assistance Program -

Portland, OR (June 16, 2014) – The Pixie Project (@ThePixieProject) announced today that they have received a $7500.00 grant from the Banfield Charitable Trust. The funds will be used to enhance The Pixie Project’s Veterinary Assistance Program.

In addition to their work as an animal adoption center, The Pixie Project provides veterinary services to Portland’s low income and homeless communities at The Scott Wainner Pixie Care Clinic.  This grant will help ensure that The Pixie Project can provide these services on a regular basis for the rest of 2014.  It will help cover the costs of surgical supplies, veterinarian technicians and the occasional veterinarian when volunteer veterinarians are not available. Services will range from emergency care, such as stitches and amputations, as well as basic veterinary care, including teeth extractions and tumor removal.  They will also provide preventative care.

“We are incredibly grateful to Banfield Charitable Trust to partner with us on this project.  Veterinary care is expensive, and very often people are asked to surrender their animal if they want it to receive care” says Amy Sacks, The Pixie Project’s Executive Director  “We believe that helping animals and keeping them in their current homes helps the already overloaded shelter system from becoming even more burdened.”

The Pixie Project offers support for local over-crowded under-funded county shelters by bringing animals into Pixie’s family friendly adoption center and matching them with forever families. Pixie also offers free and low cost veterinary services including spay and neuter surgeries for the pets of Portland homeless and low-income communities. 


About The Pixie Project:

The Pixie Project (@ThePixieProject) in Portland, Oregon is a non-profit animal adoption center and rescue. We love pets and people through personalized pet adoption and low cost veterinary assistance. For more information on the Pixie Project, visit

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