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August 23rd, 2017


As sad as we are to post this, my wife and I are looking to rehome our beloved 5 year old Bengal (F4) Ollie. We are both new medical professionals that cannot give him the care and attention Bengal’s need. We have had him since he was an 8 week old kitten. He has a very easy temperament and is affectionate and nice to strangers. He has shown some anxiety by licking his back and has lost some fur. We recently moved here from NYC into another small apartment and with all the recent stress his anxiety appears worse. With our busy schedule and tight quarters, we conclude it is not fair to Ollie. We think he would do better in a larger place and perhaps be the only pet or be with another very calm, non bossy pet. We are anxious to have this happen fairly quickly. He is a wonderful, stunning pet. He just needs a calm, quiet home and with a family who has time to give him the time and TLC we can no longer provide

Please contact Susan at if you would like to meet Ollie!

August 21st, 2017

10 Year Anniversary Pixie Party!

Join us for an evening to remember, featuring amazing food and drinks, live music, unique auction items, and great opportunities to help Pixie!

Pixie PawTickets On Sale Now!Pixie Paw

November 5th
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July 31st, 2017


This is Tuck, a 12 year old Siberian Husky! He’s a sweet boy and we would like to find him an appropriate home! Tuck is friendly and very food motivated.  He is not reactive to dogs, cats or any farm animals.  He’s interested, enjoys his walks on the farm, and is not reactive or alarmed by other animals.  He moves around well but is taking Rimadyl for his joints.  One of the side effects of his earlier neglect was a raging ear infection and terrible skin problems.  He now has a beautiful coat and his skin is looking great.  His ears are under control too.  Whew!  He’s not crazy about having his nails clipped but tolerates it well. We usually put a soft muzzle on him during nail clips.  He is a typical Husky in that he doesn’t really bark but he does talk when he wants something—kind of a howly sound.  But he’s really not noisy.  He just lets you know if you are late with his food!  In general he’s very quiet.  He would do well in a home where someone could take him out for regular potty breaks.  He never soils his bed but he’s a Senior and needs consistent potty time or easy access to a place to potty.  He’s beautiful, perky and enjoys everything and everyone.  But please no very small children or  very active dogs in a home for Tuck.  He would be fine with another mellow dog or cats.  He’s a Senior with typical aches and pains of an older individual and children tugging on him or dogs pouncing on him would be a difficult situation for him. Prospective families or individuals can contact Betsy at The Charlton Kennels, 503-621-3675.


July 18th, 2017

Pixie Project is working with Financial Advisor Marty Sacks to provide a unique financial planning program to the Pixie community. Marty adopted Pixie pup Bird in December 2014, and has played jazz at the Pixie Party the past two years.

Whether you’re new to financial planning or an experienced investor, you have the opportunity to meet with Marty, a local Ameriprise financial advisor, to help you reach your financial goals. Just for attending a complimentary consultation, Pixie will receive a $60 donation.

During your complimentary initial consultation, you’ll review your financial situation and learn about Marty’s holistic approach to financial planning, which is based on empathy, compassion, and respect. If you decide you want to proceed with a financial planning relationship, Pixie will receive an additional $40 donation.

To find out more or to schedule your complimentary initial consultation, please contact Marty at or 203.788.9863.

Offer valid for new clients only. Limit one per household. Other terms and conditions may apply.  Donation made by above advisor or practice.  The initial consultation provides an overview of financial planning overview. You will not receive written analysis and/or recommendations.
Investment advisory products and services are made available through Ameriprise Financial Services, Inc., a registered investment adviser.  Ameriprise Financial and Pixie Project are not affiliated.
© 2012-2017  Ameriprise Financial, Inc. All rights reserved.

July 12th, 2017

Hello! My name is Willy. Though here at Pixie they call me Silly Willy due to my hilarious puppy like antics! I am a 2 year old Cattle Dog/Corgi mix weighing in at about 25lbs. I looove to play. Especially with my favorite toys! Still working on the fetch part, but the staff has been teaching me and I have to say that I am a pretty quick learner. In fact, I am a very smart boy who is very food motivated which will help with my training. I do have some Cattle Dog tendencies that require a patient and willing experienced owner who can positively teach me some of the basics! I enjoy romping around my doggy pals, but will need a confident lady friend who goes with the flow of my rowdy play style. I do enjoy my daily walks around the block, but I am yearning to stretch my legs and settle down in a more rural area with lots of land in an adult only owned home with no cats. Fun, hip, quirky, and ready to bond & snuggle, I am ready to play with you on the double! Fill out an application today, so we can set up a meet! I come to you vaccinated, neutered, and vaccinated with an adoption fee of $300.

July 8th, 2017

10 Year Anniversary Pixie Party!

Join us for an evening to remember, featuring amazing food and drinks, live music, unique auction items, and great opportunities to help Pixie!

Tickets Available Now!

November 5th
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June 28th, 2017

The kittens are here!!! We have oodles of cute little kittens in all patterns and colors, waiting for their new homes! Please come in and see what we have available, as it changes daily. All kittens are spayed and neutered, vaccinated and microchipped before adoption. Adoption fee is $135. Please email for more information! Shelter hours are 11-6 Tuesday-Friday, 11-4 Saturday.

June 27th, 2017

Pixie will be closed on Tuesday, July 4th for the holiday!

Pixie staff will be caring for our dogs and cats and we’ll be back to normal on Wednesday!

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