Photography by Lara Blair

May 25th, 2017

Mufasa (top) and Simba (bottom) are a gorgeous pair of brother cats who are just under 1 year old. They are your typical brothers that play fight, wrestle, chase each other and sometimes get themselves into harmless trouble. These brothers could not be more opposite though. Although they love to play with toy mice and each other, they have very different attitudes towards people. Mufasa is still learning to trust people and enjoys having his own secluded space away from foot traffic and quick movements. Simba really helps Mufasa to feel more confident and they love to snuggle and share their space! Simba also loves to lay on you and expects petting him to be a top priority! He will have conversations with you, play fetch with his favorite mouse when he’s in one of his playful moods, follow you around your home until you stop what you’re doing to pet him, and come to you when he’s called – or hears the treat bag of course. These kitties are a wonderful pair and would probably do best in a home without other pets or children so Mufasa can continue to gain his confidence. This bonded pair loves to lay on a fluffy blanket placed near the windowsill looking outside at all the activity, taking cat naps in the sun and grooming each other. These boys are currently living in a foster home, so fill out an application to meet them today! They come neutered, vaccinated, and microchipped for a combined adoption fee of $180.

May 24th, 2017

I am Ash — the beautiful 11-month-old kitty who was named after the little smudge mark on my forehead! Other than my beauty spot, I am an all-white girl who is as sweet as I am petite! I am young, social, and still very playful being that I’m just under a year old. Even though I absolutely love people, I haven’t been able to handle being in the cattery at Pixie around the other cats. I may eventually be able to acclimate to a feline friend, but for now it seems I’d be happiest as the only Queen kitty in my castle. Kids and dogs don’t seem to bother me, and I will roll over and flirt with anyone who comes to visit! Since I’m an all-white kitty, it will be safest for me to be indoors my whole life to avoid sunburn and outdoor predators. I’m fine with that though — all I need is love and lap-time from an adoring human to make my life complete! I’m currently living at the Petco Unleashed on NW 23rd & Burnside and can’t wait to meet you — won’t you come say hello? I come you spayed, vaccinated, and microchipped for an adoption fee of $100.

May 23rd, 2017


Miss Kitty is a full sized, okay, a little chubby, cat.  She’s about 5 years old.  She is brown tabby with white markings.  She’s a real lap lover and can be quite determined that her human lie down and make lap!  She gets along with everybody — cats, dogs, kids, adults.  She used to live with a Lhasa Apso dog.  Very affectionate and likes to be on the bed.  OK, she’s a little spoiled.  But why not?  She’s very soft.   If she’s on the bed and you try to move her suddenly she becomes VERRY heavy! She eats Meow Mix dry cat food from Winco.  But she loves wet food as a treat.  She’s trained to a kitty litter box, we use Arm & Hammer clumping type litter.  Also, about Miss Kitty, she loves to play “String”  (a piece of string or yarn with a wadded up paper or something crinkly tied to it, we drag it down the hallway and they run after it trying to catch it…BIG FUN!!). She is spayed.  She’ll go outside briefly but prefers to be an indoor kitty.  She’s pretty calm, takes it all in stride, and has a few bossy moments.  We love Miss Kitty and think you will too!

If you are interested in Miss Kitty, please contact Andrea at / 503-935-1899 / 503-935-2567.

May 18th, 2017

My name is Callie and I am a beautiful and mellow 7-year-old tortoiseshell lady with the most lovey-dovey personality! Do you like to lounge around like a couch potato? I think we’d get along purrfectly — all I want is to be held and brushed all day long. I will purr and drool any time people stop by to give me pets and scratches, and I also just love hugs. I could sit in your lap forever! I was in a foster for a couple months where my personality really came out and even though I am pretty easy-going, I still have a lot of play in me and will even play all by myself when there’s no one around! I’m pretty indifferent to other animals and could probably live with another mellow cat or dog, but would be just fine as an only cat as well. Are you in need of a lovely lap-warmer? Stop by Pixie to meet me today! I come to you spayed, micro-chipped, vaccinated, and with a recent dental for an adoption fee of $100.

May 11th, 2017

Oh hello there — are you looking for a friend? My name is Cousette and I am just the sweetest 12-year-old lady kitty you will ever meet! I lived a long and lovely life with my former owner before she passed away and her family was unable to keep me. I know I was really well-loved because I’m a huge fan of everyone I meet and I am in excellent health. Like many older kitties, I’m a little hyper-thyroid so I do take a very cheap medication daily to keep me feeling my best. I have lived around other cats, dogs, and children — in fact, I seem to really like children and will get up to greet them when they walk into the Pixie cattery! I’m very mellow but also extremely loving and will quickly crawl into your lap if you’ll take the time to sit down with me. I also am just cute as can be — have you seen my cute little pink button nose? I’m a relatively small and low-maintenance kitty and I think I’ll fit right into your life — won’t you come meet me? I come to you spayed, vaccinated, and micro-chipped for an adoption fee of $80.

May 1st, 2017


I’m Nash (named after Graham Nash of Crosby, Stills, and Nash),  I am a 10 yr old guy whose birthday was just on 4 May.  I’m a pure-bred Exotic Shorthair with certification.  I’ve been living a great life with my mom-who is no longer able to keep me.  I know I’ve been loved because I’m a friend to everyone I meet.  I come right up to new people for attention.  Once I know you, I will extend a paw to get some loving and will climb up on you when you’re lying down.  I have lived with other housemates-a cat and a dog as one happy family.  I’m in excellent health, have all my vaccinations and am neutered.  I love chasing small toys and have a favorite.  My mom has a container of catnip pellets and stores my little toys in it.  Boy are they great!  Please consider me for a new loving, forever home. Please contact Cheryl at if you are interested in meeting Nash.

April 20th, 2017

I am Skittles — the sweet 3-year-old kitty ready to show you all the colors of the rainbow! Even though I’m an all black girl, I have a lot of personality and spunk, so you could say I’m quite colorful in a way. I was adopted from Pixie as a young kitten and brought back after my adopters parted ways and neither were able to care for me any longer. It has taken me a little time to adjust to being back at the shelter — I’m not used to other cats being around and I’m not a fan of them. However, I am a big fan of people and will roll over for you if you give me chin scratches! It will probably take me a little time to adjust to a new home, but I’m not really a shy girl. I just need a little time to build my confidence in a new space, and then I’m all about love, play, and meeting new people! Do you have a kitty-free home that needs a girl like me to sweeten life up? I’m currently living in a foster home, so fill out an application to meet me! I come to you spayed, vaccinated, and micro-chipped for an adoption fee of $100.

April 11th, 2017


Hi there! My name is Mona.  I’m a 12 year old sweetheart that loves sitting in laps (especially during Netflix marathons), curling up in a windowsill, and being brushed.   I also love cat nip!

Even though I’m older like one of the Golden Girls, I have a lot of spunk and energy. Plus I’m super healthy, ever since I overcame my weight problem and turned into a fit and trim little gal.

I need a new home because my Mom married someone with a severe kitty allergy and I’m not getting to be the lapcat that I love to be.  I’m quite the extrovert if I’m the only animal in the room and tend to be more of a scaredy cat around other animals.  I’m spayed, litter box trained, and have had my teeth cleaned several times over the past few years.  Mostly, I’m an indoor cat but I do enjoy fresh air and sunshine.

Contact Lacy at 971-284-3410 to schedule a meeting.

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