Photography by Lara Blair

August 16th, 2017

Why hello there! My name is Delilah and I am a 3 year old Chihuahua mix weighing in at 9lbs. Though I may be small, I have this wonderful confidence about me as I strut my stuff down the busy streets in Portland. In fact, my favorite part of the day is when I can share a nice long walk with my favorite human pals over 12. I can just imagine strolling through Forest Park, getting all the sniffs in and exploring new places! I am a very affectionate gal and after a long day of activity, I enjoy curling up into your lap as we watch some TV. I have some mellow doggy pals that I love hanging around here at Pixie, so another pup in the home would be just fine by me! Those kitties too. And did you know that someone famous even wrote a song about how pretty I am? That’s right, “Hey There Delilah” was all about yours truly! So grab your hiking bag and some of those catchy tunes, and let’s head out on our next adventure! Fill out an application today. I come to you spayed, vaccinated, and micro-chipped with an adoption fee of $300.

August 12th, 2017

Hello! My name is Brook and I am 7 year old Southern Belle Chihuahua/Terrier weighing in at 14lbs. Hailing all the way from Texas, I am still getting used to all the sights and sounds of the big city and prefer a quieter life in a quiet little neighborhood. I am just looking to retire here in the beautiful Pacific Northwest with a my new friends and family who love to mellow out with me! This being said, I need to be in an adult only owned home. Calmer puppy pals and those dog savvy cats are my jam as I sometimes like to play, but mostly I am an independent gal with a love of cuddling. I can be a bit of sensitive girl, but with some patience I am quick to warm up. Sweet as pecan pie am I, and I just can’t wait to share a piece with you! Up for foster or adoption, fill out an application today so we can meet. I come to you vaccinated, micro-chipped, and spayed with an adoption fee of $300.

August 12th, 2017

Hello! My name is Lulabelle and I am about 1-2 years old. Everyone thinks I might be a Corgi/Pitbull mix due to my short little legs and big head. Either way I would say I am pretty darn cute! In fact, my name says it all since it means “beautiful princess”. That’s me! I am a fun gal who loves her puppy pals. Sometimes I can be a little shy about new places and things, but if I have a doggy sibling by my side, I feel like I can do anything! I just need a role model, you know? Someone who can tell me I can do it! Not to mention, I just love to play, play, play! Oh and we can go on hikes together too! I would just love to join your adventure crew. Downtown would be a little much for me, so I need an owned home in a quieter neighborhood with kids over 12. I can be a little shy towards people , but with a few treats I warm up and you can see my playful side in no time! I am really just a blast and am so eager to share lots of fun days with you and your pup! Fill out an application today, so we can meet! I come to you spayed, vaccinated, and micro-chipped with an adoption fee of $300.

August 12th, 2017

Not a creature was stirring, not even a Mouse! Hey-that’s me! I am a cuddly and utterly adorable 6 year old Chihuahua weighing in at just 5lbs. Most of the day you can find me sleeping on my favorite bed or under some blankets on my favorite lap in the office. And that is just me! Cute, adorable, and as mellow as can be. Though I can be a little shy at first, with some cheese, I fall right into your love trap and am eager to bond! I have made friends with office kitty and we are pretty good buds, so a cat in the home would be just fine by me! Those mellow pups my size are ok too! Since I am a bit sensitive and reserved, I would need to be in a quiet low traffic adult only home owned by my adopters with a consistent routine. So fill out an application today and we can set up a meet. You know if you give a Mouse a cookie, he will give you lots of love! I come to you neutered, vaccinated, and micro-chipped with an adoption fee of $300.

August 8th, 2017

What’s tiny, round, and really yummy?! Here’s a hint: it’s a type of bean, in everyone’s favorite dish, and once eaten by a famous PBS lemur named Zoboomafoo. You guessed it-Garbanzo! That’s me-a 3 month old  adorable Chihuahua weighing just 4lbs. I am tiny little guy in a big world, but I am extra excited to learn all about it. PUPPY CLASSES ARE MANDATORY FOR MY ADOPTION! I have a big heart full of cuddles and kisses and a playful energy that just has to make you smile. I love playing with toys and with all my other pals-humans, doggies, and those kitties alike. I’m excited to start stretching my legs and adventuring out into this new exhilarating city! I just need someone who is willing to show me. Will it be you? Fill out an application today, so we can meet! I come to you vaccinated, neutered, and micro-chipped with an adoption fee of $400.

August 8th, 2017

Lemon? Garlic? Olive oil? Hmm..what seems to be missing from this hummus? Oh yes, Chick Peas!! Hey-that’s me! I am a 3 month old pea sized little Chihuahua with the most scrumptious face you have ever seen. As soon as you meet me, I am ready to jump in your lap and smother you with puppy kisses. I even still have that puppy breath! Being new to the world, I am ready to jump right in to learning all about it, as PUPPY CLASSES ARE MANDATORY FOR MY ADOPTION! I am a smart kid already and very food motivated which helps me with all the basic skills. I enjoy playing with my favorite toys or grinding away on my favorite chew toy. And after all that activity, it is time for a puppy nap on your nice warm lap. I am very happy to greet everyone, including those other puppies and kitties too. Happy, active, social, and gosh darn cute, this little Chick Pea is ready for harvest. Will you pick me?! Fill out an application today, so we can meet. I come to you spayed, vaccinated, and micro-chipped with an adoption fee of $400.

August 1st, 2017


Orange cats are known for being loving, cuddly, and talkative. I did not know this until I met JoJo and said, “This is the best cat I have ever met” and was promptly told that no one is surprised. He sleeps on top (or at least touching) my husband and I every night, greets us at the door by talking and plopping over to show his back, and loves being near us almost at all times. He can lay back and do his own thing and is accustomed to long working schedules but makes sure you know he missed you at the end of the day. He is overall the sweetest, most easy-going, gentleman cat I have ever met. He has lived with my husband and I for years but his history states he lived in a house with dogs and children and got along great with all of them. He was friendly and calm with any guests we had, including our young nieces. JoJo has hyperthyroidism and does need a medication once daily. He is currently taking a liquid, chicken flavored dose and is easy to med. He has no other health concerns.

Eliot is a sweet lady and loves pets and attention. She purrs like a passing truck and talks loudly near mealtime. She has a funny personality and she loves chasing. Strings, food, and pets from her people are her favorite things. She also loves high places. Her previous home included many cats and 2 dogs and it was reported that she was intimidated by the constant noise and her living companions. She may not do as well with a rowdy home or with aggressive animals. She did very well when our young nieces and any other guests came to visit and harassed them often for loves. She is not well suited to be an outdoor cat. She loves the indoor life as long as there is a high place and consistent food. She did escape once this year and we concluded she doesn’t know to come inside after she has been out. She has hyperthyroidism. The medication we give her is chicken flavored, once daily and she does great for that. She has a funny game with my husband where she sits on the highest tower of the cat tree and tries to gently bat him as he passes if he doesn’t reach up to pet her. Her favorite game with me is where I pet her chest and try to pull away before she can object by putting her paw on my hand. She is also used to long schedules and can do her own thing but thrives with daily loves.

If you are interesting in giving JoJo and Eliot a new home, please contact Samira at


July 30th, 2017

Ladies and gentleman, step right up and see the wonderful and magnificent thrills of Coney Island! You will have blast seeing all the sites with me as we go for our walk around the neighborhood. We of course have to stop by and grab a yummy classic Coney dog, which I just happen to love by the way. In fact, I am very food motivated and am a quick learner which pairs for easy training. I am a bit shy with new people, but I quickly open up, and you can instantly tell I am dog that is eager to bond. Being very affectionate, we can catch a ride on the tunnel of love and I might even sneak in some kisses in the dark. Then it is time to head to the puppy play area and hang with all my little dog friends. You must be this small to hang with me, as big dogs are too scary for me. Being part Italian/Chihuahua at 2 years old, my long legs love to prance around and play fetch with the new toy you won me from the carnival games. Even though I am only 14lbs, I have big heart with lots of love to give to all friends: kitties, those small pups, and my human pals over 8. So fill out an application today and let’s set foot for a wonderful adventure to the thrilling Coney Island! I come to you spayed, vaccinated, and micro-chipped with an adoption fee of $300.

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