April 16th, 2018

 Need a little spice in your life?! How about you just add a little Pepper? Hey, that’s me! At 15 years old, just like those yummy jalapenos, I get spicier and yummier with time. I am a simple guy who the finer things in life: mangoes, sleeping, and belly rubs. In fact, I just discovered what the human bed is like at my foster’s house and boy, what a game changer! This is typically where you can find me: flipped on my back, tongue hanging out, and snoozing the day away under the darkness and warmth of the blankets. I do still get the occasionally zoomies! Those 6.5 minutes take it out of me for the day and its back to snuggles. I am pretty indifferent to other animals in the home so another chill cat would be fine by me, but I would prefer to be the only dog star of your life. Since I am in retirement, I would love a nice quiet adult only home. Hilarious, cuddly, and so darn cute- a little dash of me is sure to liven up your life! Want to give it a try? Fill out an application today. I come to you vaccinated, micro-chipped, neutered, and up to date dental with an adoption fee of $200.

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    510 N.E. MLK Blvd.
    Portland, OR 97232

    Retail: (503) 542-3432
    Adoption: (503) 542-3433
    Fax: (503) 542-3437

    Tuesday-Friday 11:00 - 6:00
    Saturday 11:00 to 4:00