February 13th, 2018

Fiona (top picture, black and white): I am 8 years old and more lovable than ever. I’m black with some white spots and pretty tiny. I spend my days sleeping or cuddling, although I still have plenty of energy to play if you’re up for it! You may notice some patches of fur missing, sometimes I over-groom but am very happy despite this nervous habit. My front paws are declawed (by a previous owner). I will sleep next to you, and keep you company while you’re relaxing. I have been around other cats and babies/children and am extremely tolerant. I am an indoor cat but seem to love the outdoors when given a chance!
Tanjiro (orange, middle picture): I’m 3 1/2 years old and have lots of energy! I would love a little space to run back and forth, and a comfy place to sleep the rest of the time. I am curious and snuggly, I’ve been known to curl up on your chest and take a long snooze. I’ve been around other cats and babies and seem to be just fine! I’m an indoor cat, but I can sit out in the porch for hours smelling the air and watching cats go by.
These two have been together for some time now and I would love to see them adopted together although that’s not entirely necessary if they found the right homes. They love each other but I realize it is more difficult to get them adopted together. Both our cats are up to date on vaccines and spayed/neutered. Small negotiable re-homing fee will be required to ensure good home.
For more information, please contact Claire at clairemcclay87@outlook.com or (952) 261-9150.

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