Photography by Lara Blair
March 28th, 2017


Baby (top picture) is an unusually small cat — maybe 2 pounds total. The vet says she is perfectly healthy and that she was simply the runt of her litter. She just never got big!  She’s kinda shy at first and hides when strangers come around.  But once she feels safe with you she is very affectionate — loves to be on the lap, petted, arches her back and almost stands up to meet your hand.  She loves to watch water drip so if you put the sink to a drip she will drink and then just sit there and stare transfixed by it.  Silly girl!  We love her very much and know you will too.  She’s a brown tabby.  She used to live with a Lhasa Apso dog and they got along fine.  She might be initially scared of kids as she is a little shy, but if they are gentle with her she’ll come around.  She lets my granddaughter pet her.   She’s about 5 years old.  Spayed.  She eats plain old meow mix Winco cat food but loves wet cat food as a treat.   Trained to a litter box. (Arm & Hammer clumping type kitty litter is what we use)  She doesn’t like to go outside much because she got lost once when we moved.  She might stick her head outside but the moment she sees that the screen door is closing she is clawing at the glass to get back in and making a meow fuss about it!

Miss Kitty (bottom picture) is a full sized, okay, a little chubby, cat.  She’s about 5 years old.  She is brown tabby with white markings.  She’s a real lap lover and can be quite determined that her human lie down and make lap!  She gets along with everybody — cats, dogs, kids, adults.  She used to live with a Lhasa Apso dog.  Very affectionate and likes to be on the bed.  OK, she’s a little spoiled.  But why not?  She’s very soft.   If she’s on the bed and you try to move her suddenly she becomes VERRY heavy! She eats Meow Mix dry cat food from Winco.  But she loves wet food as a treat.  She’s trained to a kitty litter box, we use Arm & Hammer clumping type litter.  Also, about Miss Kitty, she loves to play “String”  (a piece of string or yarn with a wadded up paper or something crinkly tied to it, we drag it down the hallway and they run after it trying to catch it…BIG FUN!!). She is spayed.  She’ll go outside briefly but prefers to be an indoor kitty.  She’s pretty calm, takes it all in stride, and has a few bossy moments.  We love Miss Kitty and think you will too!

If you are interested in one or both of these sweet kitties, please contact Andrea at / 503-935-1899 / 503-935-2567.

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