March 25th, 2016

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Duke is a 10 year old 105lb Gordon Setter mix. He was a handsome guy, full of energy, playful, — and a lousy guard dog. He loves people, including children. Duke knows a few tricks and commands; he is quite intelligent. He is an easy walk on the leash. We farmed him out to a professional dog trainer for three months after we brought him home to corral some of his energy. Duke gets along quite well with other dogs. He thinks cats are playthings. Duke has a companion, Jett, a beautiful black female dog of unknown (to me) origin. She is about a year younger than Duke, and still has lots of energy. Jett likes people, including kids. She also is very intelligent, and responds to commands much as Duke does. One major difference with Duke: she is not cat-friendly! She has a very sweet disposition. She is a bit more free-ranging than is Duke, but she always comes back, especially when she knows I have a bit of dog bone for her. If she is off foraging somewhere when I am ready to take the dogs back home, she usually will come when called. Neither Duke nor Jett have much in the way of street sense. They just like to run. Both dogs are in good health. Duke had one major problem in 2015 in which a tumor was removed from his spleen. He has fully recovered, and has regained much of his old energy. Jett was hit by a car in that same year, but with no broken bones, she had a fast recovery and is in excellent health. Otherwise, both dogs always have been in excellent health. I want to find a caring, loving home for Duke and Jett. My first preference is a home in a rural setting where they have the opportunity to run free and without the fear of a nearby street or highway. A second choice would be to find a home for each of them, alone (and with the same need for space to run and be safe from cars). Jett is in more need, still, of being able to run off some energy, more so than is Duke. Both Duke and Jett have the capacity to touch your heart, as they have mine and my late wife. I hope you might see yourself open to take them in and give them and yourself that opportunity. If interested in these loving dogs, please contact Thomas Layne at or Cara Layne at

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